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Thread: Humane Dispatch

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    Humane Dispatch

    I want a humane dispatch pistol in 357, and after talking to some friends they say I will have to fight hard to obtain this. But on basc's site (search humane dispatch) they have an article and after reading it, it makes me think that if I say I need one they can't really turn me down.

    I was hoping some if you could shed some light on this and help me out, I know it needs to be restricted to 2 shots, these are the people I will probably buy from

    Many thanks Pete
    CZ Mod 2e .22 ~ AI AE 6.5x47 ~ Sako M591 .308

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    There have been a few threads already that cover the subject - try the forum search facility up on the r/h top of the page and you'll pull some relevant ones up.

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    I have a dispatch weapon of the calibre you mention, which I usually shoot 38 special through. Kent police like many forces do allow such weapons usually restricted to two shot. However my understanding is that they only consider applicants that have the land, experience and need for the weapon. If thats the case with yourself I wish you luck and success in your application.

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    Pete, I notice at the bottom of your post that you have so far shot 1 deer with one shot?

    I'm not being funny mate, but I have shot hundreds of deer and attended hundreds of police RTA callouts and I've never needed a pistol yet.

    Based on your experience, If I was your FLO and you told me you 'needed one', I'd probably beg to differ!

    There are those can justify holding a pistol for such reasons, but can you?

    Needing one and wanting one are two different matters!


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    I know I have only shot one, but I usually go stalking with my dad and he has shot plenty, and no matter where we go he always ends up getting the shot off and we were planning on having it on both our certificates, his needs renewing in 4/5 months
    CZ Mod 2e .22 ~ AI AE 6.5x47 ~ Sako M591 .308

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    Personally I think you will struggle to convince the Kent constabulary, based on what you have said, and they are very unlikely to issue you a section 5 on behalf of your fathers experience and then share the weapon as well on both tickets In fact I will stick my neck out here and say I would gobsmacked if they did!!

    Best of luck with your endevours.

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    A sharing, or "Borrowing" condition, is, I would say THE hardest condition to have on ticket. Steve.
    (The Unspeakable In Pursuit Of The Uneatable.) " If I can help, I will help!." Former S.A.C.S. member!

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    You could get the stetson and spurs now and them progress to the wheelgun in a year or two. JC

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    JC that took some true grit

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    for those that have a pistol for dispatching deer is it used often ?
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