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Thread: Calling Fallow??????

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    Calling Fallow??????

    Hi Guys,
    There is a lot of talk about calling roe at the moment,
    This has sparked me into the thought of whether it is possible to call Fallow i know that Fallow bucks tend to be quite vocal in their rut towards the later stages of October and was wondering if anyone on here has had expirence or heard of people who call Fallow bucks...
    My doubts are that they may not be so willing to leave their rutting stands during the rut therefore making it hard to call them???
    What about the youngters then???
    If so is there any good DVD's CD's Books etc on how to do it as would be great to learn also what make and design of call was used...

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    I think I have said this before on this site, so forgive me if I have. Last year I was sat up a highseat and was rattling a pair of anters. A Large buck came running across a field about 200 yards away and just circled where I was. To good to shoot!!

    I guess if you can get a buck to hear the challenge, then they may well come to investigate. I can't wait to get the antlers/rifle/camera combination going this year!!!!

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    Fallow can certainly respond well to rattling antlers, but beware, sometimes it's a very aggressive reaction. There was a story in Deer magazine not so long ago of a fellow trapped in a bush with an irate buck thrashing merry hell out of it after being rattled in

    I've tried grunting (using a whitetail call) but only with very lukewarm success (the sort that leaves you wondering if the buck was just passing by anyway)

    I did have a fallow doe come in to a Buttolo squeaked for muntjac (it was late November) but that was a one-off

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    Fallow call

    Ive seen it done with a proper fallow call.Its worked ocationaly but only seemed to when the fallow were heared grunting first.

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    Has anyone tried this? Looks like a whitetail call being marketed as a fallow call....

    I will definitely try the rattling trick this season, sounds like fun!

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    i too will be interested on who has called with good success, in and before the rut and also a method , as i hav quite a few bucks crossing my ground but no real rutting stands , thought that calling maybe an option to try this rut

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