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    Vac pac

    Anybody used any of the cheaper vac PAC units ?
    My friends is brill but cost over a grand!


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    I use a 100 Fresherpack vac' packer - it has done at least a thousand cycles so far without problems. The only downside is that you need to use the more expensive embossed bags. I use the silver backing boards from Scobies as it helps keep everything in shape - the cheapest source of bags I've found is The Food Machinery Co. Ltd (The Food Machinery Company


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    Another vote for the Freshpack Pro, great bit of kit for the money. As recommended in previous threads:

    Vacuum Packers
    Eiffel Freshpack pro vacuum sealer


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    I bought mine from Amazon, cost about 65 pounds and I use bags from Tesco. Never used one before so thought I'd give this one a try and perhaps invest a little more if a success. Had this one now for over a year and going strong, does what it says on the box !!!
    Very good value for money as well.

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    Andrew James vac sealer, 40 off amazon and going fine so far. Perhaps a little small depending on what you want to bag up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by shootingduckdog View Post
    Andrew James vac sealer, 40 off amazon and going fine so far. Perhaps a little small depending on what you want to bag up.
    Thanks guys! Sounds like I have my answer!

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    I have a couple of the Foodsaver vacuum units that I've bought off eBay. Both of them are still going strong after a couple of years. I use them for all my venison, salmon, trout, pheasant, etc.

    The are also good when you want to marinade something. Pop the meat plus the liquid into the bag, vacuum and stick in the fridge for as long as necessary - the vacuum 'opens' up the meat and helps the marinade soak in.

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    Ditto on the Fresherpack. Bags are a cow but he ho!

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