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Thread: Muzzle cans? ...................................... who uses them on C/F rifles?

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    Muzzle cans? ...................................... who uses them on C/F rifles?

    OK I need some input here please.

    As the 280 will have iron sights, yes I am fitting a ramped foresight onto the new barrel so cannot use the reflex mod. So a muzzle can it must be. However it seems that most use the reflex type so I thought I would ask being fairly new to sound moderators and their usage on a full bore.

    Leaving the foresight off is NOT an option as it does not fit into the scheme of things nor the plan for the overall rifle so a muzzle can it must be.

    It shall also have the option of a muzzle brake eventually too just so I can get my own back on the tacticool crowd at the range .

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    I use a Quicksilver titanium on my 223. It's lighter than the Wildcay reflex I was using before is not very long and is very effective. My only regret is that I didn't use it from day one on the Sako as the reflex has worn the blueing off the barrel where the bush seats.
    The Quicksilver is not cheap but is a very good mod indeed.

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    compared one of these to some more conventional moderators today, and was stunned at how light they are!
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    Thank you both for your suggestions.

    The Quicksilver............................. well I tried to go to their web site only to find it seems to no longer exists.................................. Hmmmmm that raises alarm bells with me.

    So I did a little web surfing and in doing so I found a used Lapwood Husher that should do what I need when I need it at a very good price. So if my local RFD will agree to accept it in transfer then I will get that one. Of course that means a variation so it will be about March or April before I can pick it up......................... Ho-Hum.

    The Husher is modular and strippable so it should handle the gas volume of the .280AI even though it might not be as quiet as other makes. At around 75 delivered I will take the chance on it.

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    Brit, that Husher sounds like a bargain.

    Paul from PD highseats uses an ASE Utra S5, as does Bill Pink, they both rate them highly. There is the infamous roedale which looks good but comes through "The Sportsman" and is seemingly having supply problems, according to a post on this forum.

    Personally I am starting to favour the lighter aluminium modular moderators as they affect the balance of the rifle less than the heavy fully stainless mods. Those with some stainless baffles like the Jager, Roedale etc.

    Trust you to spot a bargain though

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    +1 For the A-TEC CMM4.

    Lightweight, infact so lightweight you'd almost forget it was on there 220g.
    Bonus being it's modular, very easy to strip and add more baffles if required.

    Rgds. Buck.
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    Muzzle cans are getting more and more popular because of various reason.
    1) cans are a lighter design. (volume vs surface)
    2) can be fitted to more than one rifle because there is no plastic bush to fit.
    3) Size of muzzle cans are getting smaller.

    Possibly the biggest reason is that Reflex style moderators often cause bad accuracy
    because of wrong fitting instructions or misunderstanding thereof.

    Muzzle cans are the way to go, for a 280AI that is used for hunting (with all it's powder)
    I would advise a Roedale Delta 5 "Light" which has one baffle more than the Atec, is of all
    aluminium designe except for the first two baffles which are of steel or stainless.
    The two steel baffles will take the brunt of heat and gases better and still only weigh 270 grams.
    The "ultralight" all aluminium baffles will possibly also be ok for the 280 if one doesn't shoot huge ammounts.
    One always hears of baffle wear, but I have not seen any on my aluminium mods on a 223/243/308

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    Well this one at Alan Wey's came up in the search so I phoned him an reserved it. It's actually proofed 6.5x55 but has a 9mm exit hole so should be fine. As for baffle wear well the Husher is a baffle less design so that's a none issue in this case. This one is 1/2" UNF

    I will have to strip and take some photos of the Stainless blast baffle in the Wildcat P8 as it shows errosion. Mind you I have fired a lot through it in the short time of ownership. About 300 or so 25-06 and quite a few 6.5x55 so it's possibly had 500 rounds through it in the year or so since I brought it. I would not like to think how alloy baffles would cope.

    As for the Husher I just ran the price through the calculator and it will be more like 80-85 as the price is 60 + Vat then postage.......... Hmmmm as the variation will take time I might wait and pick it up in March when I go down for the Bisley show. I cannot see Lincs doing a quick variation somehow.
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    Thumbs up Roedale Delta

    +1 for the Roedale Delta. I got one last autumn to go on my Parker Hale 7x57. The rifle is very light in weight & firing it without a moderator resulted in a sore shoulder & lots of muzzle flip.

    My Roedale moderator has tamed it & doesn't affect the balance of the rifle. In fact you hardly notice it's there! My one has the first baffle as stainless steel. It is a very good design & superbly machined. I'm aware of the flak that PeteinDE has taken in the past. I say give him a break as he's done his bit in designing & producing the Delta. The problem of supply seems to be between Sportsman & the proof house. I'm sure Pete will be applying pressure to get them to sort it.

    I will always use a moderator where allowed from now on because at the ripe old age of 39 I am borderline needing hearing aids, due to my previous career!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brithunter View Post
    I cannot see Lincs doing a quick variation somehow.
    I must be really lucky - my last variation for an additional rifle took exactly 1 week to the day door to door!

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