Hi, I started shooting from a very early age on my family farm. At first it was various air weapons then when I was 18 I got my FAC and bought a Ruger 10/22 for rats and rabbits.

In 2000 my sons got me involved with target shooting with the CCF, this was run by the Civil Service shooting club and it was not long before I found myself entered into competitions.

I was lucky enough to be invited along to regular monthly range days with the CCF on the Warminster ranges when a keen shooter took over the running of the CCF. This was when I got keen on longe range 7.62mm target shooting.

I am now retired and in 2007 I squandered a fortune on 2 HPS target rifles after trying them out at Bisley, one a selected Anschutz barreled action in the HPS FR703 stock and the other a Walther barreled RPS Quadlock actioned 7.62mm in the HPS TR702 stock.

Last year I attended a BASC DSC1 course and varied my FAC to allow the fitting of a moderator on my 7.62/.308 for use on deer and fox, I tried for "Any lawful quarry" but they wouldn't agree. I'll try again later this year when my FAC is up for renewal, I'll at least get them to add boar.

Some of my many farming friends filled out land permissions for me to a total of about 2,000 acres in South Gloucester, Somerset and Wiltshire. This has given me clearance to shoot on any land cleared for the calibre by the local plod. Wiltshire seem to be taking for ever to clear the land in their area.

The target .308 may be a little heavy compared to your average hunting rifle, especially now that it's equipped with an ASE Ultra moderator, Harris bi-pod and Swarovski but as I still have the road legal farm quad to get around on it shouldn't be an issue and least I know it hits what it is aimed at.