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Thread: RWS Geco Ammunition

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    RWS Geco Ammunition

    Hi guys

    I picked up a box of 105 grain 243 ammo last week and was wondering if anyone had experience with these T Mantel bullets on game?



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    t mantel

    hi boghossan never used 105gr t/mantel.but i have shot hundreds of 130gr t and h mantel i really rate them supeb on roe and the best brass in the buisness hope this helps

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    Been using T Mantel in my Sako 75 .243 for a while. I really rate them. They seem to suit my rifle better than any other ammo I have tried. Found them to be very effective on deer, chest and head shots.


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    I've been using RWS T in 100grn .243 for a while shoot well through both my steyr and T3.


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    Thanks for the comments fellas, I took them to the range and they grouped well. On coming home I discovered all the empties had cratered primers and one case had a pierced primer. Looks like excessive pressure to me so I may try Federals before blaming the gun (2nd hand Brno I acquired recently)...

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    I have a BRNO 243, good gun, hard as nails, and very accurate.


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    Just a though have you looked at the firing pin? If it's a gun that has been around a bit it may have a pitted or damaged tip to the pin. The jagged edge can then pierce the primer.

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    Thanks for the tips guys, it has also been re-barelled at some point in it's history so I'm hoping it doesn't have a tight chamber etc. It was a bargain gun and I don't want to shell out for gunsmithing if I can help it.

    Fingers crossed the Federals do ok though....can anyone tell me if mere 'flattened' primers are anything to worry about, just trying to learn at which point I should be genuinely worried...

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    i used .243 t-mantel 100gn (6.5 g) in my prohunter, best ammo i've used in tems of consistency and grouping.

    my dealer only uses it in .30-06 and .243.

    i looked on their website, couldnt see 105gn?

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    Flattened primers are generally regarded as being an early indicator of pressure However they need to be well flattened with next to no radius left on the corners. Plus you have to remember that all primers are not created equal, softer metal equals danger signs that are not really there. Difficult extraction is a far more reliable sign, I take it the bolt handle lift's OK and you have no trouble extracting the empty case?

    If it does extract OK I would try with the Federals and see what their primers are like.


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