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Thread: Not sure if i did the right thing?

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    Thumbs down Not sure if i did the right thing?

    A friend told me last night he had a deer in his 2 acre garden for three days and it had run up and down a border fence and worn a path in his lawn. He called me this morning that it was still there and i went round to see what was needing done. The yearling Doe was smashing in to his barbed wire fence and was ignoring a wide hole in a wall and had no interest in the always open 12' gates. The neighbouring houses were to the left of the fence and quite private and shielded by a tall fir hedge... After 10 attempts to flush her through the escape routes i noticed she had seriously damaged her face with running full speed into the Ryloc fence and had some dental and nasal damage.
    A neighbour came over and also suggested she was in pain and should be shot and i thought of using my Chessie to catch her and i could despatch the poor soul with my knife.
    I had my .22 rimmy but as a last resort we manage to get her to bolt over the hole in the wall but she got well tangled up in a thick beech hedge and i caught her and let her go..
    Do you think i done the right thing or will she starve/dehydrate due to the damage to her head?
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    Hi Red Dot,

    Whilst she may have had some damage to her face/head, I doubt that any of it would have been sufficient to cause any long-term damage or suffering. Over the past 30 years I have seen park and farmed deer suffer similar injuries, especially when they have become separated from the rest of the herd. Two days later, apart from some superficial scarring, you would not have believed they have been through such an event.

    In extreme circumstances animals that have become severely frightened could suffer from capture myopathy (a condition primarily associated with prolonged fear), which is usually fatal. However, from your description of events I wouldn't expect your Roe doe to have been frightened long enough to cause this.

    In summary, I believe you did the right thing, and I believe the animal will have already recovered from everything except the minor superficial injuries.

    Best regards,

    (Director - Jelen Deer Services) Jelen Deer Services

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    Thankyou Mike, aren't young Does just sooo pretty. I hope she is safe tonight.

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    I'm sure she'll be just fine mate! She'll probably steer well clear of your mate's garden in future! I reckon Roe deer are just the most attractive deer out of all of them.



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    Fair play it sounds like you did what you could for her at the time. But the behaviour sounds a bit odd doesn't it? Ignoring the other ways out for 3 days? I've seen roe running up and down a fence for a while and getting a bit panicky when they can't find a way through, but for 3 days??

    Could something more have been wrong? Blindess/oilseed rape poisoning or something?


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    I think deer in the wild can seem to survive with some really significant injuries.They do not however fare very well if they are put into captivity to heal they seem to be very subseptible to shock in captivity

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    She was behind a normal sized fence that i could jump but she just kept ramming it.. bodily in great shape but i think she may have had a brain injury due to the many thumps she took... Am i going soft?

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    Well done mate great to here a success story and i am sure a face injury will be ok in time look at mohamid ali (shiv bad example)

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    u best get out in the morning while the deer gods are smiling on you !

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    I say it's a hard call, but think you made the right decision,had i been in your shoes I'd have thaught the same.

    Kind Rgds. Buck.
    "let him without sin cast the first stone"

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