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Thread: Fox & .22RF

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    Fox & .22RF

    I've been asked to take on some pest control responsibilities for (for the sake of anonymity) a 26 acre private fenced park and garden complex.

    site is roughly rectangular, main road one side, small number of houses bordering, 150m at widest point and one whole 250m edge onto (little used) FC woodlands.

    I've been asked to sort out rabbits, squirrels, pigeon and rooks, so I'm sticking in a request for a moderated .22 RF, since I've not got one at the moment, as I feel that this is going to be pretty ideal for the target species and site

    However... I've also been asked to sort out any foxes that get on site as an upmost priority, and I feel that land permission for the .243 on this site is unlikely to be given - so, having personally only ever taken fox with a full bore rifle I've heard people talk of taking them with .22RF - my question to you guys is whether this is really a viable option? is .22 really an effective calibre on Fox, or the resort of the uncaring ******* who doesn't care about a clean kill?

    I cannot afford a .17HMR as well, so should I stamp my feet at the FEO and demand clearance for .243, take them with the .22 or should I be running a mile and losing the chance of some really nice pest shooting?

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    Now there's an age old argument that's likely to cause a little debate!!!
    However, I bet more foxes have been shot with a .22LR over the years than any other calibre!

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    i first started with the trusty old cz22lr and shot umm 40ish foxes with it! ok it doesnt open a fox up but that is all to do with placement!! no reason what so ever

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    Whilst not the ideal tool for foxes a 22lr is perfectly capable of killing foxes humanely at SENSIBLE RANGES. i dont normally use a 22 for foxes but i shot 9 last year with mine using normal subsonic amunition and none of them moved an inch from where they stood. all were under 60yds. dont worry about using stingers or HV ammo just get good at hitting what you aim at with one type of amunition and stick to it.


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    Hi Labrat,

    I hope you are well mate. I had a similar scenario and the .22lr is perfect, i tend to head shoot them if close enough and they drop on the spot. providing you hit them spot on at a sensible range it will kill cleanly.



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    Cheers all - As I say, just a little reticence since I've never taken one with .22 myself. I'll just have to keep it close in, no probs.



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    Hi Labrat,
    ezzy 6.5 is spot on,just be careful of the ricochets, there are places i'd use my 17hmr that i wouldn't the 22, i recon the 22lr is more dangerous than any of me other rifles for this reason alone, in my experiance, there's probably more chance of one with the the 22lr than anything else i've shot, on stoney ground you may be getting ricochets more often than not.
    Sods law says, if its going to happen and it hits something it shouldn't, it'll end up with a complaint to the local FEO, if you're lucky!


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    If you intend to shoot fox with .22LR, you will need it on ticket as such, just to stay legal, though I doubt your licensing bods would allow it, but odder things have happened, like some counties OK'ing .17HMR for fox where others will not.
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    NOT had a .22 rimmy for year's even with Head shot Rabbit's to MANY pick up's for my likeing. I now use a .17hmr which so far i have only had the odd pick up

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    Quote Originally Posted by finnbear270 View Post
    If you intend to shoot fox with .22LR, you will need it on ticket as such, just to stay legal, though I doubt your licensing bods would allow it, but odder things have happened, like some counties OK'ing .17HMR for fox where others will not.

    Plod would not sanction fox on 22LR. They rely on the wording of para 13.23 of the Home Office guide to police 2002 as copied below. In practical terms it means less than 50 yards. I always go for a heads shot with does the job nicely.

    13.23 Common rifle cartridges considered
    suitable for the shooting of foxes range from
    .17 Remington, and .22 Hornet to .22 -250
    and .220 Swift, though there is a wide range
    of suitable similar calibres commercially
    available. In windy areas, where heavier bullets
    aid accurate shooting, or if applicants wish to
    use one rifle for shooting both deer and foxes
    they may choose a rifle in 6mm (.243/.244) or
    6.5mm (.264) calibre. .22 Rimfire is generally
    too low-powered to be used against fox
    except at short range, but may reasonably be
    permitted for use against such quarry in
    certain circumstances. However, sole use
    against fox would not normally be sufficient
    “good reason” to acquire such a rifle
    paragraph 13.15). Combination shot gun/rifles
    should have the rifled barrel in a similar
    calibre. Expanding ammunition should be
    authorised for shooting foxes. Those involved
    in shooting foxes will normally be authorised
    to possess up to 250 rounds and acquire 200
    at any given time, but consideration should
    though be given to each shooter’s individual
    circumstances, particularly where re-loaders are
    acquiring missiles. See also paragraph 13.14 on
    allowing applicant’s flexibility to reasonably
    shoot other species on named land.

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