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Thread: X trail

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    X trail

    Hi All,

    Need a bit of advice, i have been talking about changing my car for about 12 months but put it off while i've been working on the house. I mentioned to a mate that i was fancying an Xtrail and as it is our second car i only wanted to spend 4k. The mate in question owns a used car sales place and told me that he would keep a look out for a good one for me and if he found one I could have it trade through him. He has just rang me and left me a voice mail saying he's coming to visit tomorrow and he's found me a mint X trail 2.2d within my budget. he's going to give me the details tomorrow.
    When i decided on an X trail i didnt have any need for a vehicle that could go off road, more for parking on grass verges and the odd forest track. the X trail seems to be good on fuel and has a decent boot. However i looks like i might have to use my vehicle to recover the odd fallow carcase, not crazy off roading but driving across farmland to collect shot animals and ferrying the dogs around when beating.
    Is the X trail up to it? i have had a couple of shoguns and a LWB frontera but i dont like driving full size 4x4's for running around here on short trips and they used to wake the whole neighborhood in a morning when i started them up.

    Any thoughts, Ezzy

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    Buy it. Wish I had never sold mine. The new ones are too expensive for what they are and I will be buying a forester diesel next, which is a shame cos the original x-trail was 10 out of ten when it comes to practicality. I did everything reasonably well.

    Nissan released the SDqish! or whatever it is called as most only went to ADSA and back inthe X-trail.
    Had 3 red stags in mine. nae bother. Got it stuck of course, but I have also stuck , my jimny, my old Vitara (with xtra lift and off road tyes) and my shogun.

    I need to find its limits or i get over confident>>>>>>>>>>Aye right. Its called adrenaline. I always get to the beast, get it loaded in and then, you got it , get stuck.

    going to get the quad stuck next that is for sure.

    BUY IT! you wont regret it.

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    If it it has the double length sunroof, an X-Trail can be pretty good for lamping out of

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    Maybe have a word with Neal (mallettn) I believe he's just bought one.


    Life should be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving skidding in sideways, Merlot in one hand, Cigar in the other, body thoroughly used up, totally worn out and screaming WOO HOO what a ride!

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    Can't go wrong with one off them. Had mine 2&half year, just normal running cost great.

    Rgds, Buck.
    "let him without sin cast the first stone"

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    I use mine all over the place and it is great!
    Get some good 50/50 tyres though to get the best out of it - I use General Grabber AT2's on mine.
    It will never be as rugged as a Land Rover, but at 40 mpg and a drive like a nice car with a 6 speed box, I'll stick with the X Trail!

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    Chris is right - I bought one recently and have been pleased with it on road and off. Even running Pirelli Scorpion STRs (essentially 80:20 road use, i.e. road orientated tyres) it can tackle surprisingly tough off-road challenges if you are in 4 wheel drive locked. If you want to tackle serious climbs or very muddy, wet work you may need All Terrains, but this applies with all 4wd vehicles - the tyres (and the ground clearance) are usually the defining factors. If you think you will need All Terrains buy a model with 16" rims as there are no ATs of the correct fitment for the 17" rims.

    PM me if you would like a chat as I have had the odd problem and so already know one or two things to look out for / questions to ask!


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    I'd second what has been said about getting one with 16 inch rims if you can. Mine has 17 inch rims and as far as I can see there is no tyre on earth to fit it other than the Dunlops it comes out of the garage with. The Dunlops as fitted as standard don't get a good reputation for anything at all and are almost certainly the limiting factor in most moderate off road situations. I'd love to get a set of 16 inch rims and put AT2s on them but when I look at the cost it is beyond my budget and there are other places for the cash.

    This evening I used mine to recover a hind from farmland and it made good work of the muddy (though not too wet as it has been dry for a while) farm track even on what are basically road tyres. It also performed a most impressive 3 point turn across the rutted track and up a grassy bank that I really thought it wouldn't have the axle articulation to manage. It doesn't have quite the clearance of the big 4WDs but then it does 40mpg+ and costs 200 to service at a main dealer. Mine is only 2 years old but has all the gadgets that you need for an easy life including cruise control and blue teeth, apparently. To date I've not found any teeth, of any colour, so they must be in the gearbox but another handy thing is that my phone will talk to the stereo and you can make calls handsfree. It is comfortable to cruise in and on a long trip while taking it really easy you can see towards 50mpg though on normal stalking trips I probably average about 40mpg (with lots of forest tracks, low gear stuff plus making good time on the motorway journey).

    During the recent ice and snow it was a real gift though of course you can't defy the laws of physics. Talking of physics it rides and handles well but it will never be as dynamic as something lower with the centre of gravity well down.

    The only real downside, apart from the very oddly dimensioned rims, is that there isn't a lot of knee room in the back and access to the rear seats is a little bit tight as the doors feel like they are a bit too small or something. However, even without the rear seats folded there is great boot space and once you fold 60% of the rear seats I have enough room for a highseat, old fish box with dead sika and all my other stalking gear.

    I took this shot of mine on a forest track last March, it also climbed a very steep hill, that my VW Golf would just about go up without ice and snow, in this forest on the same day:

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    I've had the 2.2d Sport for over two years now and love mine. Plenty space, good off road, cheap to service (cheaper than my 1.3 hatchback) and all the bells and whilstles you could ask for.

    They score well on reliability and holding their value too.

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    I had a look online at the diesel one that he had found me but it was a bit rough, no sh and a couple of scratches. the money was good but it didnt feel like the right thing to do.
    However, there was also a 2.5sve petrol with 60k on the clock,main dealer fsh, 2 owners, for about a grand over what i wanted to spend. we had a chat about economy and he reckons that because i only do about 1500 miles a year in my car there is no point in getting the dl version. the SVE is fully loaded with every gadget you can think off and to top it all off he reckons i will get it for nearly 3k less than retail price.
    looks like i will have to have a chat with the wife tonight.


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