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    Over all length

    Evening all

    I am in desperate need of some advise. I was going to load my first .308 win tonight using Hodgdon Varget powder, with a 130g sp bullet in a federal case. Now after going through the Hodgdon Reloading data centre entering the above the recommended C.O.L was 2.615" with a recommended minimum of 47grs and a max of 50grs. So any way I loaded up 5 rounds at 47grs at a COL of 2.615 with no crimp. Now for my problem. That seems a bit short compared to any of the factory rounds that I have been shooting. Even when I put them in the magazine they seem a bit short. My question is would it be a good idea to go to 2.700" and crimp or is this a bad idea. Any help on this would be great. I want to load up from 47grs to 50grs in .5 increments all at the same length. The reason I have zoned on 2.700" is because I already get a good group with a factory 150g sp with that length. Thank you all in advance

    Good shooting


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    If the book recommends that OAL then you should try them. They will probably work fine and there is only one way to find out! ~Muir

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    Is this the Hornady 130gr SP; I take it you're using the Hogden recipe rather than the Hornady recipe?

    My manual has the Hornady recipe slightly longer at 2.690....

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    Okay, I've followed your link to and entered .308 and 130gr to get to the Varget load you're talking about.

    The only bullet in the table is the 130gr Speer SP, which is a fairly short bullet .... hence the short 2.615" overall length. Loading any 130gr SP bullet in a .308 will give you a short setup, but you can seat them out to 2.700 if you've got enough neck grip. You can test this easy enough by hand. The maximum overall length for a .308 is generally 2.80" (150gr. - 165gr. bullets) so there'll be plenty of leeway.... but do check this is the case with your rifle.

    Unless the bullet you're using already has a canellure (neither Hornady, Speer, or Sierra 130gr SP's have) crimping will deform the bullet, and accuracy might suffer. I've tried crimping canellured bullets over the years, and have never really had much success with these loads but haven't persevered.

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    Do you think a mild crimp will "deform" a bullet more than cannelure?? They sell tools to ad cannelures to bullets, after all. I have not experienced lack of accuracy from deformed bullets after reasonable crimping. ~Muir

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    You should use a length gauge to determine the overall length which will position your bullet touching the rifling, and then adjust your seating die to say 10 thou less. Or do what I did and carefully cut 4 slots in the neck of a sized case so that it will just hold a bullet, then chamber the round and close the bolt. The bullet will seat back into the cartridge with its o give touching the rifling. Carefully extract the round and then measure with calipers.
    I have just done this with my remington pss in .308, using 46g of varget and remington brass it groups at 3/8" at 100yds. The OAL is 2.91" whilst the recommended is 2.80".

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