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    I am wondering what time the more experienced members prefer to go out stalking this time of the year,or does it depend on where the deer are.

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    I find Dawn and Dusk are always the best


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    As Dave has said, although this time of year I prefer mornings as the midges do not seem so active as they do at night. Plus really I do like being out and about pre dawn.


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    Well, at the moment, when ever the bloody rain stops for a start

    I personally would rather go out in the evening because i`m a lazy get .

    Seriously i have stopped going out at 3.30/4.00am because quite a number of years ago i realised that i wasn`t actually seeing and shooting anything until about 8.30/9am, and sometimes later
    Obviously you have the benefit of wandering about for as long as you want in the morning, rather than evening.

    This is just what i have found and put it down to the sun not really warming up and drying the dew of until then, especially with roe, personal choice.


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    hi chris
    normaly i do either mornings or evenings but while the roe rut is on , i often find that between 2pm -5pm the bucks are quite active then back out again for the evening stalk from about 7:30pm onwards so you can get 3 stalks in on a day with quite a good success rate
    with muntjac anything from 11am-3pm can also proove quite productive at this time of year aswell as the mornining and evening stalks
    just be carefull of the full moon as my deer are less active in the mornings and often tend to move on last light as so to speak, so stalking can be a little less productive in that period
    hope this helps

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    I have very little experience, but I can tell you that twice I have seen roe at 9.30 am in plantations once early morning rain has stopped and the sun has come out. Nothing at all before then, not even a squirrel.

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    The wonderful thing about deer is, they cannot read. This means that they are not usually out when the books say (dawn and dusk) Deer will come dependant on area, feeding requirements, weather etc. It can vary considerably.

    One area that I use it is about an hour after daylight, and the other is 1.5 to 2 hours after.
    In the evening, the deer wont come out on one till right on dusk, the other is 3 hours before and up till dark


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    Although I prefer Sparras fart! It is a bugger when there is nowt about!
    and, maybe the extra couple of hours kip would sharpen my thoughts.
    Then again going out after a 12 hour shift, for an evening stalk , can be numbing! I guess I have drawn a conclusion!!! (Duh) I go on my 4 days off doing a Martini impression , ANYTIME ANYPLACE ANYWHERE!!
    and go back on shift knackered but happy!!!

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    best time for stalking

    When I stalked accompanied in northumberland the keeper would not set foot outside before 6am we always saw deer and to be fair if its roe I would if they are not harrased say he had it right,woodland red or sika then crack of dawn,however if the rain has landed and it brightens up they will be out and about during the day
    You have to do your homework


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    early morning for me and i mean early before light and i find most of the good bucks will be got at this time and last light and i mean when the birds have stopped singing at the dead silence has made every thing feel creepy. They will of coarse feed through the night and deer being dawn and dusk is just a load of crap they are nearly nocturnal and more will be seen in the dead of night than at any other time.

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