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Thread: somthing a bit differnt

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    somthing a bit differnt

    heres somthing a little more interesting than the normal tripe on the telly

    the chap is obviously not a real keeper but a few bits made me laugh especially him setting his fenn trap

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    Not a bad bit of Sunday evening viewing, good find!

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    Based on the book written by Barry Hines who also wrote Kes.

    Read them both several times when I was a kid. Cracking films and a cracking read.
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    This film was made about 15 mins from my house on the Wortley and wentworth estates. I know 2 of the guys in the film.
    And Kes, that was filmed just up the road at Birdwell near Barnsley, infact the place where Billy Casper gets the chick from out the nest is still there.

    Good film which i remember watching as a kid.


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    i thought of you wadas when i watched it if i closed my eyes i could have thought it was you in the film with his acsent

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