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Thread: For sale Cluson LA2 lamping kit with 3 coloured filters

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    For sale Cluson LA2 lamping kit with 3 coloured filters

    For sale. My Cluson LA2 Laserlite lamp, includes lamp, handle(which can be attached/detached for use with a lamp man), scope mount kit x 2, 3 x filters (Red, Amber, Green). This is an excellent lamp, apx 18 months old but in as new condition, never let me down and compares equally to my friends Light force 170 for distance. Only selling because Im aiming to buy an ND3 or similar system.

    Lamp detail:
    Key features:-
    1,000,000 Candle Power
    1000 Metre Beam
    High-tech 50w Xenon Bulb

    The multi-purpose high power million candle power lamp head takes its power from any 12v DC power supply. This lamp head is supplied with jack plug and a convenient coiled cable and double bulb.
    Beam: 1000 metres

    Size: 130mm diameter
    Total cost from Cluson 127. link below:

    Looking for 80 posted(Now redcued to 70 posted). Cheers Steve
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    Now reduced to 70 posted. Also remembered I ahev a 2nd gun mount on my other rifle. Will be included in the sale.

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    Received today thank you Steve

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