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Thread: Howa Lightning in 243

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    Howa Lightning in 243

    FAC renewal duly filled in and sent off, top of wish list 243 bolt action+mod, have been browsing guntrader and have taken a liking to the howa lightning 1500 but have been unable to find any details, ie twist rate, weight pre mod and scope, and any "fors and againsts" by owners and pre-owners, thanks in advance ...callie

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    Hi Callie , i can only comment on my HOWA 1500 in .308 . Excellent Rifle , i had it out last year
    on the Red Stags in Scotland , 5 with it , and 1 Roe Buck . 150 grn Privi ammo used .

    It faired well on the open moor with the weather , got knocked about a wee bit with the terrain,
    reliable ,and consistent mate . I have a stainless barrel and green hogue stock , with S5 Mod and
    S&B 8X56 Scope. Mate has one in .243 , no complaints with it. Have a look on Highland Outdoor site ,
    think data etc on it .

    Cheers Jock

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    Jock:- cheers buddy, got on to the highland outdoor site but couldn't access the the howa section...callie

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    Callie apologies , i thought you could view it , other option North Allerton Gunshop , do a extensive range
    ref on HOWA,S , give them a bell mate , sure they would give you all the technical data on a .243 mate .
    Get their number off their website , hope you have a better result with them .


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    Callie- I had the Howa 243 1500 lightning with a wildcat mod, green synthetic hogue and did not like it. I had problems with too much twist in the stock at the barrel to the point if you turned the rifle even slightly, the stock would touch. In addition, the stock screws kept slackening off after about 9 shots, reported to Gun Shop who in turn reported to Highland Outdoor who sent wood screws In end as I had to zero it in for booked stalking I ended up supergluing the screws to prevent movement.

    Promptly traded it in and now have a 308 Browning X bolt and second hand BSA 243. Browning is a lot more sturdy and believe the A bolt which is comparable price to Howa is good.

    I have also read that quite a few people have had to bed the stock suggesting that the movement I experienced was not specific to my rifle.

    Good luck in finding your weapon of choice

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    Quote Originally Posted by firsttimer View Post
    Browning is a lot more sturdy and believe the A bolt which is comparable price to Howa is good.
    Now I own both rifles and rate each of them in there owm way, but there is no way in the world that the A-Bolt is more robust than the Howa, the Howa’s are made out of forged steel. The A-Bolt is a tubular receiver and a modular bolt.

    I have never had my action screws come loose in my 270, my mate has one in 300 magnum and he has never had a problem either. That said I think the old importer Brain Fox and Martian Bray before him gave better customer service than Highland.


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    The stocks do flex a bit, much like the Remmy SPS. I have a 7mmWSM sporter weight. The stock has an insert to adapt between standard and varmint barrels. remove the lightly glued in insert: bags of clearance!!. I now have it in a PSE carbon stock. Remember this is a cheap, sporter weight with Spartan mod. Just checked zero today (Scotland this weekend!) and it easily shoots 1" group at 200yds. 140gn Ball.Tips. Trigger is good too. I've heard a lot of rubbish about the trigger: just needs a bit of work to be really good.

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    Glad other contributors have had a good reports to offer. Guess it is down to what you experience personally and unfortunately mine was poor!!

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    Thanks everybody for your input, I'm going over to Burton on Trent to-morrow as Livens have a couple in stock, I'd like to check out this over flexing of the stock fore end before I make my mind up as to what I'm going to purchase...ATB...callie

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    Just remember, most (all) budget rifles save most on the stock, meaning just about all will have fairly low quality stocks.
    The plastic ones are really bad and almost impossible to improve. Walnut or Laminated stocks can be improved with
    pillar bedding that will not cost the world.
    Some rifle brands have more choice of aftermarket bits than other makes.
    Look at steyr prohunter, nice rifle... lousy stock. Even the engineers at Steyr admit that. Getting
    an aftermarket stock for them is more difficult than Howa or Remmy for example.

    I found most budget rifles shoot very well once the stock is sorted.

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