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Thread: Bench Rest Primers

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    Bench Rest Primers

    Is it ok to use CCI LR Bench Rest Primers for ordinary re-loading purposes, or are these particularly for target shooting only?

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    They are excellent and very consistent primers - I use them for most of the faster loads I have developed for my .270. You shouldn't have any problems with them for most purposes - hunting or target.


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    The only thing that you should NEVER do (except in blackpowder cartridges where anything that gives a "spark" will do) is substitute pistol primers for rifle primers of the same size as they are not designed for the higher pressures generated.

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    better suited to powders that are slower burning i was told. to give it that extra spark. i have used them in 22/250 loads and between them and the standard cci 200 primers i cant find a difference to grouping. so consistancy seams the same.

    havent chrono them though to she if there is any difference in speed. as the 22/250 is a fast burning round anyway. ie'' you use fast burning powder it dont really need them. but if your usinf slower burning powder in a bigger caliber then i would use them

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    bench rest primers are more consistent than standard primers and will give more of an even burn and less velocity spread

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    I've used them for years for a number of cartridge types. No problems. Possibly a bit better for colder temperatures than standard primers. Better 'kindling' I believe, is the word.
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