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Thread: First doe of 2011

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    First doe of 2011

    Having risen a little late and getting to the ground later than planned, me and 'gg33' felt we had missed our best opportunity to see many does, especially as 3 ran across the approach road as we drove up and melted into the's always the way. After an hour so of spying and tiptoeing along rides hoping to catch a crafty muntie, we took a break and then decided to split up and walk in parallel either side of some forestry which we know hold deer, maybe bumping deer towards each other to see one might pop out in front of one of us. Moments after splitting this little lady appeared to my side and gave me plenty of time to set up the sticks and wait for her to re appear from behind some holly , then deliver 150gr Nosler Bt. I was expecting to see plenty of strike evidence but there was none ....but as gg33 heard the shot and appeared puffing and panting we found her after a short search, only gone a 40 yard trot before collapsing. I was expecting meat damage because of the BT, but the carcass was barely touched, so I do not know what folk fuss on about sometimes....very clean indeed. I know it is not a Boys Own adventure write up like some, but I thought I would share a nice sunny winter morning outing with you all...ATB.
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    Good result Richard,
    Thanks for sharing your sunny morning with us.

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    Nice one richard, what calibre are you using? Have never tried Nosler BT's but in the past have found Hornady's hunting BT's (not varmint BT's) to be quite inconsistent and have ditched using BT's on deer altogether. Went out on a rece this afternoon with my 13 month cocker to see how he got on walking to heal stalking, he did fine until we put up a hare which he proceeded to take in approx 3 counties chasing. Did bump into two parcels of roe, one of 10 and the other 5 so will be taking another couple before the end of the season.


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