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Thread: What clothing?

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    What clothing?

    Right, its come to that sad time in a yorkshiremans life.. to open his wallet and let some of those hard earned crisp 20s go to a better place..

    I am in the market for some stalking trousers and a jacket. Something which isnt too hot or cold, if you catch my drift.. plenty of pockets, waterproof, quiet and light also. No real budget, would prefer to spend a little more and have some decent gear.

    Any info much appreciated.

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    Deer hunter rusky bibs and jacket beyond belief


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    Tweed it will last for years and still look good

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    Oh, now you've got me going!

    I've been through a lot of clothing, especially waterproof trousers, in the last 20 years and I like my Musto Highlands coat for Scottish hill stalking in winter. I like to wear layers under it so I can match it to a lot of weather conditions. It is good in more "formal" situations as it is just flat green.

    Recently I've taken to buying military surplus gear. I bought a British "windproof smock" which is basically a cotton/poly coat with a hood. I washed in some waterproofing and was amazed that it turned an hour long downpour in Scotland in September as I didn't expect it to be anything but very light shower proof. I certainly wouldn't rely on it being waterproof though. The pockets are great, very sensible, and suitable if you are left or right handed and it stands up to abuse well. The big plus is that you can buy one and try it for not a lot of money, in fact the German flectarn versions, pretty similar from what I can see, were on ebay for 6. You can also get a goretex german flecktarn waterproof jacket for less than 15 delivered on ebay. Now, the choice of colours will be a bit limited but if you go down the route of the German flecktarn stuff you can have a good outfit for probably 30. At that sort of money you have to at least give it a try I'd say.

    In terms of trousers I've been wearing the Harkila Grizzly Brush trousers for a while now and they have lasted the longest of any waterproof trousers I've ever had. Most have a life measured in days or weeks. I think they are end of line items now and can be had for about 80. Not too warm so you can layer thermals under them and despite being light I've been impressed with their robustness (if there is such a word) as I thought they would last 2 weeks max for me when I first got them. The heavy weight Harkila stuff is, well, very heavy weight and I think you'd be better with a pair of mil surplus over trousers for 15, however as you can see I'm having a mil surplus phase at the minute :-) The heavy weight Harkila stuff really is quality gear, though the price is very high indeed, but you would need to try it before deciding on it as it will not be to the taste of all. I'd be pretty certain it will be robust.

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    As an honorary Ballymena man, I feel your pain. They made the 50p that shape so you could use a spanner to get it off us. 15 years ago I bought a Musto Heathland and cried about it for months. I had it for 10 years until some f***er lifted it on me. Again, financial pain loomed. I replaced it with a 200 Le Chameau. *****. Got wet in prolonged rain. Looked wrecked after 2 washes. After much research and deliberation, I bought a Harkila Prohunter jacket. BEST COAT I HAVE EVER OWNED. End of. 350 odd but completely weatherproof.
    I'm sure a good tweed would work well and look great but I have no experience of same. All I can say is, I wish I had found the Harkila website before I bought my Le Chameau.

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    What about the HSF stuff? Sherpa line in particular...?

    I wouldnt entertain Le Chameau, its w**k.. Ive had boots and a few bits and bobs, the quality is atrocious! I dont want something which will keep me warm in -10 because i intend to layer for the weather conditions. The rusky stuff looks a bit heavy to be honest.
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    I have Lakson Sika trousers have taken everything 2 seasons of hind stalking in the Highlands could throw.All so have lakson jacket again very good better than Deerhunter Ram.

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    Harlila , the best kit ive had for turning rain , its light weight too so you can layer you clothing depending on the weather

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    Harkila Pro Hunter trousers, warm when cold, cool (ish when warm) and 100% waterproof. Nomad smock which has been 100% waterproof and warm, however can be to warm for the Summer, if a lot of walking is involved.

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    Another big vote for the Nomad jacket and the Harkila Prohunter range . I have both but the Nomad jacket only comes out when its really wet and cold or for those long spells sitting up mid winter high seats.

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