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Thread: Reloading for Sako .223.

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    Reloading for Sako .223.

    Could the more experienced re-loaders out there give up their knowledge on what would be the best loads,which they have found for a Sako .223 with 1 in 8 twist and a barrel lenght of twenty-two inches i wish to shoot foxes with this rifle and any information on this would be appreciated from a new re-loader.

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    6og vmax bullet heads, 26grains off vargt and lapua cases

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    Any good bullet over a listed charge of IMR 3031. Why did you get the 1-8" twist for foxing? Isn't a heavy bullet contraindicated??~Muir

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    not really the 1 in 8 will shoot lighter bullets just as well. my mate had a 1 in 8 twist tikka t3 tactical and that shot 50 and 55 grain bullets for foxing very well indeed.

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    Hi Q.M.

    Dont know if this help's you out my .223 is 1-12 twist and loves 40 gr V-Max. / 26.5 grains of VihtV N133 @ 3790fps
    Grouping @ 100-175 yards is one hole, foxes don't like them

    Also 55gr Sierra Gamekings SP. / 25 grains of VihtV N133 @ 3375fps Grouping @ 100-150 yards is .3 on a good day to .5
    and Roe's don't like them.
    VihtV powder burns nice and clean out my rifle have never had a problem with it, and used in in my .270/ N160 with good results
    and my suppliers have always got it in, which help's.
    Your a long time dead, enjoy every day like it's your last!!!

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