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Thread: Zeiss customer service

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    Zeiss customer service

    Here is the deal.
    I was invited out stalking in between Christmas and the new year. It was foggy when we arrived on the permission and we was going to call it all off.
    But i said i could do with a walk and you never know. well we set of walking the first couple of Fields and the fog was starting to lift in a few places. not brilliant but doable.
    so we carried on and i thought it was a good call to get out and blow of the Christmas puds and all the other crap we chuck down our necks.
    we decided that i was going to go up an high seat and my m8 was going somewhere else.
    Now first mistake.
    Did not check the high seat before going up.
    The ladder was at the wrong as i was going up it felt a bit bouncy. But the double chair and ladder was all steel i carried on and as i reached the top,i removed my rifle from off my left shoulder and placed it in the seat i would not be using.
    Just as i span my bum round to sit down the hole tree started to fall left leg slipped through the ladder and some how my foot got stuck back in the rung, so essentially i was entwined in the ladder falling down toward the ground with a bloody great big tree fallowing me.
    Well the result could have been very very nasty,but I'm a big lad and am quit used to being knocked about.just heavy bruising and a large swelling that still has not gone down yet.
    Any way i here you lot saying what the hell has this got to do with Zeiss customer service.
    well i have a Zeiss 6 x 24 x 56 and when all this happened the scope was damaged. the windage turret was knocked completely off. i found all the parts and thought maybe this was not that good of an idea.
    I wrapped it all up and put it in the post with a letter to Zeiss explaining the above.
    No lies just told them the truth. got the scope back all done fixed and tested to make sure it was all good. and the bill for all this was.
    Zero not even the price of the scope posted back.
    Now all this was my fault. no way was it any thing to do with Zeiss as i had explained exactly what happened in my letter.
    But they still charged nothing.
    Not many places like that left in this country.
    The reason for this post is i believe when someone does you a good turn and go out there way to help and not even charge me the post to send the scope back deserves a mention.
    So it cost Zeiss money to fix my mistake.
    it cost me 20 to send them the scope. but don't know what they paid to return it.

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    Had similar superb service from Swarovski when my binoculars (10 years old) developed markings on the internal prisms. All returned with parts replaced F.O.C. Superb

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    Exceptional service you cant fault that in anyway superb service

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    Very nice but somehow I doubt I'll be as lucky with my 4x32 that the elevation turret is seized on. Later this year we will find out as it will be going back for repair.

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    That sounds encouraging.

    I zeroed 3-12x56 Varipoint (reticle 60) on Saturday with an R93 in .300 WM. I bought the scope in November `09 but forgot about it, as you do!

    Anyway, upon mounting the gun I discovered what looked like a crack on the Objective lens; my wife is an optician and she reliably informed me that it was infact a hair inside the tube. A good shake and the hair disappeared for a while but then reappeared and disappeared. I called Zeiss and tried to speak with somebody from customer relations but not get through to the right person; I hope it will be a simple case of just cleaning the tube. As it is out of warranty I dont mind paying but given the quality of their scopes, I would expect the customer service to be of a similar standard.

    Your post gives me hope!

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    All Swarovski employees have shaved heads......

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    My dad had a similar excellent service from Luger, another German company.

    The first time, within a couple of months of buying the scope he lost his screw-on lens covers somewhere deep in the woods, so I wrote to Luger on his behalf asking where we could obtain replacements - expecting to buy them. Within 7 days a new set of caps appeared in the post on my dads doorstep, FOC from Germany, with compliments of Luger.

    Secondly, after a further couple of years of use, the same scope, his Luger 8-32 target scope started showing some small flecks on the inside of the lens. Being a couple of years old, my dad didn't want to cause a fuss, you know like most folks don't, but I said he should write to Luger as I thought this was a manufacturing fault. Anyway, he relented and emailed them; they advised to send the old one off, and within 10days they had sent a BRAND NEW scope from Germany again to replace the original.

    I since bought a 3-12x52 Pro Luger scope and would not hesitate to buy again, so it shows how this customer service can add value to a company. Very impressed with their quality.

    They were always courteous and responded quickly and politely.

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    Had the same from Zeiss a while ago, brilliant service. Sorry to hear about the fall, but keeping with the theme of honesty I did laugh tho [sorry] and hope you get better soon.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Brithunter View Post
    Very nice but somehow I doubt I'll be as lucky with my 4x32 that the elevation turret is seized on. Later this year we will find out as it will be going back for repair.
    I think you'll find that a lot depends on the age of the scope and whether you are the owner from new or not!

    The nice people from Zeiss cleaned, repaired and refurbished my 10year old 8X56 BGAT's after I had driven off with them on the roof of the truck for the cost of the postage. You don't get any better customer service than that.

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