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Thread: 1 for 1 variations

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    1 for 1 variations

    hi guys, just a quike question about 1 for 1 variations.

    ok so i have an emptie slot for a moderator for a .17hmr got the rifle, but i have never bothered to get a moderator for it.
    i need to get a variation for a .223 rem.

    so is it possible to get a 1 for 1 to get a slot for a moderator changed to a .223 caliber (with an apropriot reason and permision)??

    thanks in advance for any help

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    Yes, shouldn't be any problem whatsoever with the necessary good reason satisfied.

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    i would definitely fork out the money for a sak for the hmr, you will be pleased with the difference between moderated and unmoderated


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