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Thread: How long to clean a new barrel

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    How long to clean a new barrel

    Well my new R8 arrived, so I thought I would degrease the barrel before the shooting in process. Little did I know that it would take so long.

    I started to clean the barrel with solvent and it kept coming out black. I am now 10 hours in and 400 patches later it is still coming out black.
    I know it has been test shot by Blaser as it says so on the warranty card, and I am guessing it would also have been test shot at the proof house here in the UK.

    Has anyone else experienced such a dirty barrel from a brand new rifle ??

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    Could it be the bronze brush reacting with the solvent ?
    I have been doing 10 passes with the brush and then patching it out with Kroil and it has been coming out black.Is this powder or is it to do with the brush ?

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    dont brush, just patch - wet one the dry one or 2, wet one, dry one or 2, until clean, final wipe through with meths.

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    I cant see it being carbon fouling.. not if you have patched it so much, i think its more likely to be some reaction. i know when i use an ammonia based solvent on my brushes, i get a purple discharge from the barrel. The barrel HAS to be clean inside after that much cleaning, i would start the shooting in process. I also use KG1 and Kroil and havent had any 'side effects' like you mention. Have you had a look in the barrel?

    Forgive me if its teaching you to suck eggs, but a tip i picked up which works a treat was to push the rod with a jag through the barrel without a patch, when its about 1'' from the end of the barrel, shine a light in the end, the jag reflects the light and allows a really good inspection of the barrel and rifling to be done.

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    Hmmm for one thing as Germany is part of CIP the rifle/barrel was nto proofed in the UK...............not needed under the CIP rules.

    Now you didn't say what you using so it's harder to help properly.

    So may I suggest you contact Steve Kershaw and ask if he will bore scope it to see what is happening.

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    Thanks Guys,
    I think it must be a reaction.
    I just hope I have not done any harm with the bronze brush !!

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    This is what I did:
    First 2 patches with shooters choice, then 2 dry ones, then a 10 passes with the bronze brush, then 2 patches with Kroil.

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    bronce brush shouldn't have done any damage at all, steel would, but not bronze (as long as not 'reversed' whilst stil in the barrel - I was told to let the brush go through the end of the muzzle, 'then' reverse back through). Try a different cleaner solvent, not anti-copper based, just generic cleaner like PH 009 (my favourite), patch dry, some protective oil, then patch out till dry. Also, if any copper fouling was present, the patches should be coming out purple. Should then be coming out clean and dry and ready for running in...oh be prepared for plenty of copper brush and cleaning action when running in...clean and brush out after every first 10 shots,,so deffo don't want to struggle with a solvent that's giving you a funny reaction.
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    Fill the barrel with bore foam and leave upright over night then use butches bore shine with copper brush and then use correct size jag with patch until the patches come out clean

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    Are you using a bore guide?
    If no:
    a) it is a good idea to
    b) you might be picking up blacking/finish from the chamber (as it is a new rifle)

    Military rifles suffer from the same.

    Good luck shooting the barrel in.
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