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Thread: Expires Tomorrow

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    Expires Tomorrow

    Hi all

    on 21st December I received a visit from my Feo for my renewal and also I put in for a variation at the same time,
    my renewal form was downloaded and printed from Essex police website.
    On Thursday 20th January I received a phone call to say there was a problem with application and that I had not signed in a certain part and my counter sigs had missed a signature as well and could I get them signed and sent back, although all of this was checked by my FEO at the time of his visit.
    At the time I was in the car on the way to Scotland upon my return on Monday I opened the envelope to find that I had not missed a signature it was actually missing off the form and that they had cut the missing sections off an application and stuck it to my downloaded form, obviously a technical error on their websites part. the following day Tuesday 25th I drove to headquarters and delivered it by hand to someone from the licensing department.

    As of tomorrow my licensees expires: I phoned them just now and was told that they are happy to leave the firearms in my possession as long as I do not use them!! they then told me if I had commitments that they would issue temp permits if required !!

    in two weeks time I am booked to go to Slovakia driven shooting and also I have a few opportunities in between to go stalking which are now wasted. on top of that Slovakian authorities now require a copy of my shotgun ticket prior to me arriving in Slovakia

    has anyone else been in this position with guns they are not allowed to use and did you managed to get the process sped up some how ????



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    You must have the full certificate to travel internationally. The temp will be OK for the UK and I would get it so that there is no issues here until the renewal comes through.

    Ideally you need to talk to the head of the department and explain your position and travel plans. I know of one guy who was able to have a renewal turned around in under two days when they had been dragging their feet but he was due to head out in a few days and marched in to get answers. They just put his to the top of the pile as it were and sorted it. If the background checks are done it should be no problem. That was Cumbria though.

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    There's more bad news. You must have a valid FAC for your plans.

    Section 14 Temporary Permits are Home Office pre-printed forms with an ongoing Serial Number.

    They clearly authorise "Possession Only", say 'these weapons are NOT be fired' and don't cover expanding ammunition in any way.

    I've just had a peek at a couple I've had in the past to effect part-exchanges through RFD's.

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    Gets worse, i decided to get BASC on the case they were highley effiecient straight on the phone to Essex police it appeares i was somewhat miss informed on the phone when they said during the application process they were happy for me to hold on to everything. BASC asked if i had this in writing i said no, they then tried to get me a section 7 issued to allow me to keep everything without in date cert but with no luck.. i have been advised to get my firearms into storage and all ammunition !!

    i wish i knew what on earth was going on !!!

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    Can you not just take your keys into your rfd so that you have no access?

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    You still have custodial possession so access is irrelevant.

    I've looked again at this form which is Form 111 ' PERMIT TO POSSESS A FIREARM AND/OR AMMUNITION '.

    It carries all the security warnings as on an FAC (FORM 102), and an extra Standard Conditon - 5 "The firearms to which this permit relates are not be fired"

    This is a 'Prescribed Form' under the Firearms Acts 1968 to 1997 and cannot be altered in any way according to the HOG so must be complied with (Chief Constable included). Expanding Ammunition can't go on Form 111 - it can only appear on an FAC Form 102.

    BASC have given you the right legal advice, but I'm sure you'll get a rapid Renewal now they've had a go @ ESSEX FLD.

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    Quote Originally Posted by paul at barony View Post
    Can you not just take your keys into your rfd so that you have no access?
    I would think not.
    You may have another set tucked away somewhere !


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    I’m doing everything by the book as adviced by BASC I have until 12 pm tomorrow to get the guns into storage with an RFD whom is a good friend he will inform Essex police as soon as he takes receipt as will I. my cabinets for rifle and separate one for Bolt ammo etc will be completley empty ! What really annoys me about the situation is that Slovakian authorities now require a valid shotgun certificate copy sent to them to issue a hunting permit for our trip in two weeks if I am unable to get a permit to hunt in Slovakia and not able to shoot on my trip I will be seeking further legal advice. oh and they still have my European firearms pass as well!! luckily all of my shotguns are on my farthers shotgun cert as well so no problem with them im just not aloud to access our shared cabinet !!
    Thank you all for you great advice, to be fair if it wasn't for stalking directorys legal section and reading about other peoples experiences with their local firearms dept and problems they have had i think i would have just accepted what i was told on the phone and not tried to get it in writting !! so a big thanks again !!


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    Unfortunately I cannot offer any advice with your situation and hope that they expedite a fix quickly to get your FAC back and your trip isn't lost..

    I however had the same experience with West Mercia's online automated pdf type form completion system. This was on my FAC application last year and to go co-terminous on SGC. I knew something didn't seem right with the forms once printed as I think the only place I had to sign was on one of the photographs.
    As with yourself everything was returned in the post with cut out signature boxes pritt sticked all over the place on both mine and the referee's forms... Theres clearly a problem with the online system which must have caught out loads of people.

    Good luck.

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