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Thread: A Passion for stalking site

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    Sites can sell blank advertising space to engines who fill the blanks with adverts they think are relevant. Sometimes the web host does it anyway.

    The 'stalking' bit is probably causing the bother.

    It happens automatically, but you'd think the site admin would be aware of it though and stop it.

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    Just had a look now and all seems as normal.


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    I seem to have been chucked off the site. Probably because I have not posted for about 6 months. Don't have time cause I am on here too much!

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    looks ok to me

    i have looked in at the site a few times today whilst posting our auction list, a couple of times. it looks all in order to me.

    i wonder how long the 3rd posting of the list stays up?

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    I just followed your link and it went to the PFS site alright, do you mean those ads by Google along the top, they were all about marriage problems and stuff, i don't expect I was looking properly


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    I've just clicked the link and it works just fine.

    I remember a bit back I googled "Passion for stalking" and it poped up with porn sites, obvious really if you type "passion" into a search engine.

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    Hey Griff I logged on and it seems fine as well. I think you have been saving the wrong links to the wrong sites me old mate You will not get many takers for Arran if you advertise or join the wrong sites Mind you on the other hand you never know

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