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Thread: CIC formula for Roe Bucks and how its calculated

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    CIC formula for Roe Bucks and how its calculated

    1). LENGTH in centimeters ,taken up the outside of the antlers from the bottom line of the coronet,following the curves to the top.
    Both antlers are measured and the average worked out.
    the Points Scored are the result of halving this average.

    2) Weight in grammes,of the antlers and skull cut through the eye sockets, If the whole skull without the lower jaw is retained 90grms is deducted.
    Other cuts pro rata. Divide the net weight by 10 to get points scored.

    3) Volume Hang the head from a spring balance with the antlers downwards ind immerse it in water to the bottom of the coronets. No part of the pedicles may be under the water. Record the weight in grammes as shown by the spring balance and deduct it from the total dry weight of the skull and antlers.
    The resulting figure is divided by ten and x by3 to get the number of points.

    4) Span measured at the widest point expressed as a % of the average length. points scored as follows less the 30% nil 30-50 one point 35.1-40 20 points 40.1-45% 3 points 45.1-75% four points over 75% Nil

    5) colour Max 4 points for black shading down to nil for white

    6) Pearling Small or none Nil weak pearling 1 point med many small pearls 2Points well pearled on all sides 3 points very good pearls on all sides continued high on the beams 4 points.

    7) Coronets Up to four points for development, They should be thick rough and well developed.

    8) Tine Ends 2 points max for sharp well polished down to nil for blunt dull ones

    9) Additions 5 Points can be awarded for regularity and quality of tines

    10 Deductions Penalty points up to 5 points can be deducted for unspecified 3 for abnormalities and 2 for absent tines or being short or one point for a single tine emanating from one beam only

    Sorry about the attachment I am struggling getting it posted it should be able to be viewed if you have word on your P.C
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