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Thread: Sadle mount for browning gold

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    Sadle mount for browning gold

    Anybody know if such a thing is available here in the UK?????

    Thanks in advance


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    Yes, I had a B-Square one a few years back.

    If you are just after a generic one then they are available on the bay quite cheaply. Looks the same as the B-Square one I had, and considering it is only one screw and a retaining bolt and bush that hold it on I am sure it will work just as well:

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    You can get them shipped from the states but B-square saddle mounts are only just creeping into this country really. If suppliers are fussy get in touch with cliffs gunsmithing and he will order and ship.

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    I ordered my saddle mount for a Benelli direct from B square it only took a couple of weeks to get here
    Easy to fit and use as well.
    If any one needs one for a Benelli i have one altered for a left action and also one for a right hand action

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