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Thread: Anybody watched the artic with bruce parry?

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    Anybody watched the artic with bruce parry?

    Just wanted to see if anybody else had seen the last episode, really enjoyed seeing the native people hunting carribou with open sights, just a basic rifle no fancy gadgets, he nails three from a boat and then goes on to shoot some wildfowl aswell!!

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    Brilliant programme; but then I like anything like that - even Billy Connolly!!.
    Bruce does make a pleasant change from Bear and Ray, though.

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    Thought this thread was about HGV's for a minute!

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    Fair play to the guy taking the shot, a moving rocking boat, the first shot the carribou were running and all through open sights, fair play when there is so many variables. Pity Bruce Parry was almost crying, its there way of life, good shooting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 243ack View Post
    - even Billy Connolly!!.
    Never Connolly.

    Bruce is head and shoulders and a whole six foot above people like him.
    /l\ Y gwir yn erbyn y byd /l\

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    i managed to catch it the last two weeks, great program!

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    Have to say I thought Bruce's reaction was for the cameras benefit more than anything. What was great to see was the fact that literally all of the animal gets used, bone marrow and all.

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    One of the best programmes on TV at present. Nice to see the old 303 lee enfield taking a caribou out. As someone has already mentioned in a rocking boat and a moving target as well!

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    My thoughts exactly, most people have coats that cost more than his setup

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    Real hunting people, no frills no spills either, just honest hard working people who have respect for the environment and the animals they hunt.

    Just how it should be, cant wait for next programme.

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