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Thread: Really p***ed off!!!

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    Really p***ed off!!!

    I was at the Hospital today(5hrs)to have the plastercast off only to be told that I won't be able to drive for another 8 weeks!!!!!! To top all of that work are having me on the carpet for being off sick too many times(15 days in the last 16 months) one day after having a wisdom tooth taken out.....11 days with a broken rib,and three days(enforced by management)after cleaving my thumb.One of the outcomes as I have been told could be 'dismissal'......all I feckin' need.I have been told by the Union that they just can't get rid of me,but,I have also been told by a friendly manager(there is one)that the Main man has been saying that he is happy to pay whatever compo to the people they want rid of,and one of them is me,reason being,I am on one of the old contracts that gives me more than the new ones.They have got rid of a couple just recently that they have had to pay out.Anyway,here's a couple of pics of the new splint I'll have on 24/7 for at least the next 8 wks..............

    yours....down in the dumps a bit.......Martin

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    Cheer up mate and could you post a pic of the phillies in the photo on your desk.
    regards john

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    Do what the rest do mate and claim the sick tell them you cant do any thing and retire .But make sure you get the good pay out.
    ps Like the picture in the back ground

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    Good advice I have been given in simalar circumstances is " don't let the bar-stewards grind you down"

    Try and keep your chin up

    Best wishes and keep on posting regular updates



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    Thanks lads,and I hope you are talking about the two 'News of the World' tarts and not my young

    here they are.......

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    It was the other picture Only jokeing that was the one

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    My sympathy to you Martin any injury that retards one from getting outdoors is a real b@#$%^#

    About 3 odd years ago I snapped my achilles and as it was in July it coincided with as good as any time for sambar hunting.3-4 months later I was still wearing a stupid plastic overboot and crutches and a mate took me out for my first bino look from a hill top. It was a bad bloody time,not the injury but the curtailing of my hunting year.

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    hope all goes well for you, good recovery and your jobs safe for you. keep your chin up.

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    Hi, sorry to hear of your plight. I am not sure who your employer is but I presume they have and are following a sickness absence policy??

    If so there will usually be stages or levels of action to be taken. There are usually 3 stages and you must escalate through them one at a time with invites to the meetings and findings from the meetings in writing.

    If it's not written down, it didn't happen.

    Ask your union rep to get all the policies and procedures and read them thoroughly, if the management haven't followed them and actioned them appropriately, there's nothing they can do.

    3 periods of sickness in a 16 month period doesn't seem excessive to me mate, especially given the circumstances. I hope this helps and things work out for you.

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    cheers 'PS' they haven't followed policy at all,they started stage 1 but never concluded it,and now they are going straight to stage 3.The Unoin are involved,so hopefully it won't come to anything,only time will tell though.......Martin

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