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Thread: BBC news - RSPCA & Mink cull story

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    BBC news - RSPCA & Mink cull story

    I was reading this story this morning. which in itself is quite interesting. but it got me thinking when I got to this bit from the RSPCA.

    A spokesman said: "The RSPCA is as a general principle against the culling of wild animals, but accepts that in the case of some mink eradication projects there may be strong scientific grounds to support one.
    "But it is of utmost importance that any cull be carried out by trained operators using humane, established methods."
    So how does a person get deemed a 'trained mink culling operative'? Is there a training course or do the RSPCA decide who is ok at culling and who isn't on a whim? You often read the stories of the RSPCA trying for prosecutions against people for despatching squirrels and the like.

    I wonder what the RSPCA recommends as a minimum legal Mink calibre and when they are running the next MSC level 1 course

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    .22/250 does a hell of a job on feral ferrets and stoats

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    I listened to this with great interest. When I was a kid our local brook was alive with Watties as we used to call them. They were a endless source of catty targets with little success, then in the late 60's they vanished overnight. Thats when we knew we had mink.

    There has been millions of spent on research to discover their decline, and now it would seem the conservationists have discovered what all country folk knew, Mink and small mammals/wildfowl dont co-excist.

    Also if you have otters you dont suffer from mink.


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    The sad thing is someone out there may think it needs a course for people to go on to become trained....perhaps the MSC1??

    or am i just cynical.....


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    Sally forth lads ! Hunt them down however you can, but WAIT A MINUTE !

    I have something for you. Put these large panniers on your shoulders and weight them down with these heavy bricks called RSPCA handicaps.

    I foresee another Outer Hebrides fiasco about to happen where the 'experts' will take charge and the attempt fizzle out.
    Opinions often differ according to unknown circumstances.

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    Trap `em then Zap `em !
    .22 RF subsonic sorts them out .


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    Unfortunately the fact that the arspca had a mention on this article has tainted it somewhat !
    I know the guy and he in the same position as any gamekeeper/stalker or vermin controller in the land.
    We all dispatch live animals and have whatever it takes (experience /training/courses) to be classed as trained operators.
    I know the guy and he is not a bunny hugger,he is a biologist with the river Don trust and not connected with the arspca.

    The arspca on the other hand are like a wet f**t stain on a pair of Y fronts!You never know when they will turn up ??? with their own brand of ***t
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    A few years ago a friend had a call from another friend who had a bit of a shoot. He had seen a big ferret in his release wood and after a bit of a chase and a struggle had managed to catch it and put it into a hessian sack and even though it was 'a bit wild' he achieved this without getting bitten. On enquiring whether it was an albino or a 'polecat' variety the reply was "neither, its a big black ferret with a white chin" !!

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