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Thread: BSA Rifle Identification

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    BSA Rifle Identification

    I have been given an old BSA rifle, does anyone know how i can find out what model it is? Thanks Rob

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    post a picture, let's have a look
    "It's halfway down the hill, directly below that tree next to a rock that looks like a bell-end"

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    Put a Intro' in the right section first Rob, lets hear a bit about you, I am sure some on here, "Brithunter" included will be able to give you the info' you need on your BSA.



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    Also take a look at which may give you some information. However it is mainly air rifle related.

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    thanks for you posts, I'm struggling to get an image up here, i tried to upload it into the members gallery but it said 'exceeds filesize limit'. I and am a bit confused as to what the URL of an image is, which is what it asks for when you click upload image in the box above? Can anyone help? thanks Rob

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    I have changed the bracket at the end, the red one, so you can see the URL if this was left as the Square bracket instead of the curly one it would be a photo showing.

    Hope that helps.

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    anything on the bolt? The one I use has something "engraved" in the bolt to identify it. think the difference is the colour as one of them is in "gold"

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    The Monarchs that is 1st and 2nd pattern, have 5 stars impressed onto the guide rib on the bolt:-

    Those are 1st pattern Monarchs. The second one is the new .280 Build hence the blacking polished off.

    The Majestic is marked like this:-

    Now I thing that the Monarchs were also filled with Gold Enamel.

    Hope that helps.
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    many thanks for your help, hope you can see this image, otherwise it is in the gallery, called robbsa rifle 2011 the bolt has nothing marked on it, and the only markings on the rifle are 7x57, MADE IN ENGLAND, BNP (with a crown above it), 2.240'', 18.5 tones per [] '' and the serial number, and on the barrel it says THE BIRMINGHAM SMALL ARMS Co Ltd. - ENGLAND


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    Rob the photo does not have enough detail to indentify the model however it's an early one so it could be a Hunter. Has it got the full length mauser type extractor? if so it's a Hunter .

    If it does not have that type extractor then it's a Viscount.

    It would appear to have had a receiver sight fitted at some point in time and that is what the little cutout at the top of the stock by the rear scope mount.

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