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Thread: wanted 270 cardboard ammunition boxes

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    wanted 270 cardboard ammunition boxes

    as stated i reload and need some cardboard boxes as im off to newzealand and my rounds need to be in packaging thanks wayne

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    Hi Wayne,

    I have just thrown loads out thinking why would I need them again. I don't currently reload.

    I have got a few boxes, I can flatten them and post them if you like?



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    hi ross that would be great spoke to new zealand firearms and i can bring in reloaded ammo but must be packed into packaging.i didnt realise and i have chucked all my boxes out before i started reloading.definately owe you a few pints now,wayne

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    you can carry the ammo in a case guard type container. I did last year and after walking out of the hills I had 9 of 7mm mag rounds loose in my day pack inside my back pack,when I got back to Oz the 9 rounds had been confiscated with a note explaining i was a bad boy for not containing them.

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    Not been to NZ, but every time I have flown with rifle and ammo, the ammo has been fine in an MTM 50 round box with a computer printed label. I put on the load details and the rifle serial number. Seems to keep everyone happy. There seem to be different rules about where you have to pack the ammo boxes though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mereside View Post
    as stated i reload and need some cardboard boxes as im off to newzealand and my rounds need to be in packaging thanks wayne
    lucky bugger! green with envy, I love the place! Have a good time.

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    cheers mate april the 21st is coming up fast now cant wait ,atb wayne

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    wayne i two 270 boxes if you want them i will post them for free just to help you out,atb steve

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    hi mate that would be great,atb wayne .i will pm my details

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