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Thread: Red stag stalking

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    Red stag stalking

    Hi All,

    I am looking for a couple of days red stag stalking, for a friend and I. We are both experienced lowland stalkers looking ideally for some upland stalking north of the border! Its not quantity we are looking for, but we are both after a good quality/represenatative red stag. If anyone could help I would appreciate it, as I am a firm believer in going on recommendations.

    I have contacted some Scottish Estates but all replies have been un-helpful. Its almost like we are asking the earth! One estate on the website claims to cull over 350 stags per year but felt our request to shoot a good quality/representative stag was 'trophy hunting' and they only shot stags on their management plans such as young or old stags with poor heads, but 350 poor heads is a lot!! Those others that could help wanted over 700 each per day regardless if anything was shot. Ideally we are after a stag each and price depending maybe even a second one.

    Doing a good deal of fallow deer stalking/management I am just looking for a little something special so any help would be appreciated.

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    PM sent.



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    I can recommend Solway for reds...especially if its the same estate where we and Keiron C went in October.

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    Hi Mate
    Did you see the one Simon got
    Yea Keiron is up on hinds this weekend

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    can you give me a ring. Jimmy
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