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Thread: Trophy shipping costs

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    Trophy shipping costs

    Anyone know roughly the cost of shipping trophies from Africa, I know it must depend on what species, something like warthog tusks and a wildebeast skin from SA or Namibia.

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    Much depends on the size of the box and weight. In this instance if its just a pair of Warthog tusks and a folded dried or tanned Wildebeest skin it will not be a great deal.

    I export quite a few trophies from over here back to the States and I use a company called Ensign Liner in Kent, very good and they will import for you as well.

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    Thanks for the info.

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    Ship and Dip picked, up on 14th April from outfitter. Due into LHR on 18th July.

    4 Sprinbok Capes, 1 Eland (skull & horns from now on in) 1 Waterbuck, 2 Mountain Reedbuck, 1 Steenbuck, 1 Sprinbok, 1 Black Wilbebeest.

    Will let you Know.

    Back down in four weeks with my 15 year old lad.


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    Just dug out my costs thus far.

    Springbok skull and cape GBP 48.50 each
    Skull of everything else GBP 21.75 each

    Crate GBP 118
    Documentation GBP 110

    I've 8 skulls and 4 capes all in one crate.

    Dipped by Trophy Solutions Africa in Limpopo Province.

    Will know the cost of freighting them back to UK soon.

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    Thanks smullery very helpful, keep me posted. Who did you hunt with?

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    I haven't used them for a couple of years as I mainly cull hunt now hence no trophies to Import.

    However when I had trophies to bring over I always used Rainbow Freight based at Heathrow. They have always been very good and take care of everything including dealing with the export from the country of origin, which made it so much easier as in the past I had dealt with local freight forwarders and there was always a problem.
    All prices are based on weight and volume so if you have skull mounts and flat skins it keeps the cost down.

    The person I dealt with at Rainbow was Martin 01784455356 I am sure if you call him he would talk you through costs explain the process etc.

    Also worth reading my previous post on Importing Trophies Web Link should take you there.

    Hope this helps

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    Thanks very interesting.

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    OK, got them all back now.

    Freight cost was GBP 375. This is the South Africa end.

    UK costs;

    Clearance etc. GBP 135
    Port Health & Examination GBP 65
    Import VAT GBP 14
    Deferrment Fee GBP 10
    UK Delivery GBP 35
    Insurance GBP 20
    CITES fees, DEFRA fees GBP 125
    Vets fees, all the rest etc. GBP 75


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    Re: Trophy shipping costs

    Quote Originally Posted by mack
    Anyone know roughly the cost of shipping trophies from Africa, I know it must depend on what species, something like warthog tusks and a wildebeast skin from SA or Namibia.
    Yes I've just received trophies from AFRICA which included mounted:-2 Kudu 1 Impala,Blesbok,Warthog Impala horns and Blesbok horns unmounted. Also back skins and a zebra skin. Costs by ship from Durban was 800 pounds, however.......the company who were handling the trophies in London, Phili Orient lines were a load of crooks who charged me 20 pounds a day rent over and above the import and VAT charges of 480 pounds. They decided when the shipment would be delivered and charged me 120 for storage!!! Watch yourself, however the workmanship was very good and the hunting was fantastic.

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