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Thread: Free camo trousers

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    Free camo trousers

    **** GONE TO A GOOD HOME! ****

    I've had a bit more of a sort-out, and as the title says, free to anyone that wants 'em.... (but dropping a few pennies into H4H wouldn't be a bad thing) .... I'll even pay the postage, howzabout that??

    One pair of camo trousers - no rips, tears or burns; in fact the only thing wrong with them is that 'the waist seems to have shrunk a little' since I last put them on . (They would probably suit someone with a 32"-34" waist. And that's not me anymore.. Note to self: put down the Mars Bar and step away.....)

    They AREN'T silent, but they ARE quite waterproof, quite windproof and quite warm, so would do for foxing, winter pigeoning, chopping your logs, whatever - just don't expect to tiptoe up to within 5 yards of a roe in 'em!!

    2 x front pockets, 2 x back pockets, 2 x leg pockets, press studs to pull the ankles in.
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    First person to PM me can have 'em!!


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