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Thread: sauer 202 barrel 30.06

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    sauer 202 barrel 30.06

    i have applied for a slot for an additional barrlel in 30.06 for a sauer 202, i would be keen to find out if anyone has one for sale. it must be screw cut and in good condition


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    Hi KSB,
    I have a 30.06 barrel for my sauer 202 I have only fire 21 shots thru dont use it now, Make me an offer.
    Its in mint condition.

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    hi jamie

    you have a PM.

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    looks like we will be needing a bigger car then Kieth.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Double0gorgeous View Post
    looks like we will be needing a bigger car then Kieth.
    it would be nice to have the barrel for going away but i am not rushing into paying for a new barrel etc to take it over in april. space will be a little tight, are you brining the 223 only or another cailber as well. I will be taking 2 rifles with me. the other guys will have one each.


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    May have one more but more than likely just the .223. I the disco is out of action i can probably get a vehicle sorted, just don't fancy driving on sunday with a hangover

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    even if it is on the road i wouldnt be confident in taking it, last i would want to let everyone down with it calfing somewhere in wales. the return ferry time allows for the mandatory taking of drink on saturday night therefore we dont need to leave too early. We will keep you safe

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