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    Looking for

    Help requires sourcing LG shotgun cartridges job to do more tools requireds I've only one box left, Ive looked about seem to be thing of the past , don't want to start reloading cartridges again ,that's ok rifle slugs .


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    If I read this right you're after shotgun slugs?
    Just cartridges do a gamebore Buffalo slug at 575/1000. 164/250
    Below is a link to my website.
    Quad sticks

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    Lgs are lead shot approximate 9mm round balls, I use to make my own but a couple of years ago I gave the shot pot and load all away .
    I can if required make another shot pot and buy a load all again but it always worth a chance of old stock someone knows about .

    I still have the mould for making the brenneke or rifled slug my old man made the mould years ago when reloading shotgun cartridges was all the rage , something else that died out .

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    maybe ssg would be enough then, ssg are about 7.6mm
    Below is a link to my website.
    Quad sticks

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    Not seen LG's for years mate?
    I used to use them but now keep a few SG's which are only slightly smaller but more of them!
    SIZE-- "-- mm--Pellets/oz




    BB US-.18--4.5----50

    BB UK-.16--4.1----70

    Good for longer range RTA's!

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    I used up all my LG's and found I couldn't find any more so swapped to SG's only to find that no one stocked them after a few years and now use SSG's.

    I think there may come a time when reloading will be the only way of keeping a box or two in the ammo crate.

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    Last time i saw those in stock was at Brentwood Shooting was ages ago though!

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