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Thread: .270 noise and recoil compared to a .243

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    .270 noise and recoil compared to a .243

    I was out with a friend yesterday doing a bit of target practice prior to my dsc1 course.
    I've always been slightly bemused by all the references to .270's "kicking like a mule" as mine doesn't seem to "kick" much at all.

    My friend was shooting a sako 75 stainless laminate varmin barelled .243 with a T8 mod and Nightforce NXS scope. It's a seriousley heavy rig! He was shooting 90grn sako factory fodder.
    I was shooting my Tikka M65, sporter barel with fixed power scope and 3rdeye mod. It weighs about 8 3/4lbs. I was shooting 130grn home loads and 110grn factory Vmax.
    We both came to the same conclusion, There was no noticeable difference in either sound or recoil.

    As I've said before, this was mod on, due to location we didn't have the opportunity to compare mod off.
    If you are thinking about a .270 but are put off by all the hype around noise and recoil, I would sugest you actually try one, you may be surprised

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    Its my calibre of choice all this waffel about kicking like a mule is a load of crap all i get is a gentle shove and a little muzzel flip but generally its the first rifle i pick out of the cabinet . No such thing as over gunned its dead or its dead theres no inbetween , in all honesty 130 grain bullet imparts enough energy into all species of deer , rarely do i see a smashed out blow hole and i have had more meat damage with a 22-50 55g than I get with a 270.
    My stalking mates a 270 convert as well he would sooner use it than his 243.

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    I have a 270 that weighs 7lb scoped even with the mod on after 10 shots at targets it smarts but my 30.06 which is the same rifle without a mod is nice to shoot.
    Explain that one

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    Dunno about yours sika, I'm putting a fair few rounds through mine each time out at the moment due to target practice and load development and it's absolutely fine. Shot 50 rounds the other day and felt no worse than a session with the rimmy.
    I don't even hold the forend now, I've found I'm more accurate shooting it just resting it on my fist/sticks and keeping a relatively relaxed hold.
    the most critical thing for me was getting a stock that fit's me, the orginal doesn't.

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    I shot my first deer with a 270 Winchester years ago and despite "wandering off" always seem to come back to it as a calibre although personally I'd prefer a 280 Remington for the 165 grain bullet weight option.

    But I digress.

    To my mind the reputation of the 270 as being "nasty" is based on two things. Winchester's full power 130 grain Silver Tip factory ammunition as sold in the 1980s and 1990s and 22" barrels! Either homeload and/or use a longer barrel and as far as I am concerned the cartridge is "tamed".

    Like many others with the 270 Winchester I am now using only 140 grain loadings at just under 2,900fps (and am experimenting with 150 grain loadings at about 2,800fps) and find for British conditions it to be a better option than the US full power factory 130 grain loadings.

    I don't use a moderator and at these speeds the 270 Winchester is a delight to shoot.

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    Federal Classic's in 130gr were pretty obnoxious in my 9.5lb Sauer 202 with a 24" barrel.

    However, 140gr Hornady's with 51.5gr N160 were absolute pussy cats to shoot.

    Just because you are paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't out to get you......

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    I used to use a .270 and loved it both for deer and for foxes recoil was never nasty in my rifle a parker -hale and that was before moderators were common place. noise was a different mater though when lamping in the wee small hours near the village all the locals knew what i was up to at 3am back then!!!
    Mind you i did move up the tree a bit and start shooting .444marlin which with topend loads is pushing you back a little bit and i am 5"10 and 95 kg wet through
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    I have to admit be not being a fan of the .270. Especially when shooting any of the US loaded ammunition. There was good reason why there were so many second hand one fcluttering the shelves of gunshops back in the '80's, 90's and early '00's.

    I think with a bit of fine home load tweaking you can make it an acceptable calibre. But then why choose a calibre that you have to down load or shoot out of a 24"+ barrel or shove a tin can on the rifle in order to tame it?

    Its not as if the majority of UK .270 owners would ever use it to it full potential anyway
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    I have a T3 Lite in .270, for curiosity, I took the mod off and took a shot, I didn't take a second.......

    Position and hold must be firm enough to support the firearm
    The firearm must point naturally at the target without any undue physical effort
    Sight alignment (aiming) must be correct
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    Quote Originally Posted by tartinjock View Post
    I have a T3 Lite in .270, for curiosity, I took the mod off and took a shot, I didn't take a second.......

    Sorry but that was funny. My first rifle was and is a BSA CF2 Stutzen 270 Win with 20" barrel and yes I still have it. The strange thing is this BSA seems to jump and the top of the comb shows small indents from the bottom of my glasses frame where they hit the stock on firing.

    Since then due to others not liking them and prices being low I have acquired a few more. The Police are not happy but as I point out if I find one to fit into the collection and it just happens to be a .270 where is the problem?

    Funnily enough I was shooting the one most recently acquired yesterday ( BSA Majestic) as I just recieved a 6x42 Karl Kaps scope and wanted to try it out. Shooting factory 150 Grain Norma ammunition prone off a Bi-Pod recoil was smart but not objectionable and no the rifle is not threaded so NO MOD.

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