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Thread: just for Robin

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    just for Robin

    hi meet bernard

    a bit worse for wear
    wished he had stuck to PG tips rather than the baileys

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    just for robin

    I am lost for words which has got to be a first
    where the hell did that jump out from, I'm glad I only drink whisky cos I ain't going any where near bailies,ever!!!!!!

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    the last time i saw him he fell over and put his hand in my mug of tea.

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    Itís amazing how much Baileys you can get out of one small monkey. If you are more adventurous why not try freshly squeezed Blue Arsed Baboon? All you need is a length of carpet gripper, a cider press and two demijohns. Add ice and a slice to taste. Oo...oo..oo.its good!

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    Oooo Stone, your family gets everywhere, the little monkeys

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    I think that stuffed primate should be used for target practice, it looks like it needs putting down

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    I rememeber that monkey, if that`s what it is looking at Tika308 (Andy) and also styer243 (Nick) in a very camp manner when we were at stones house emptying his fridge of food. .

    It looks like it`s stroking it`s hair and nearly got it`s hand it`s hip

    Go on stone, put a photo up of that cat stood on that stick aswell


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    Do you know a half decent one


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    I might JAYB, ..............why do you ask? have you got something that needs stuffing? answers via PM please

    You might like to use Mr Shake and Bake up the road a ways from you. That Roe in the lodge on my place looks like its swallowed a toilet roll

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