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Thread: Online African Hunting Magazine

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    Online African Hunting Magazine

    Have alook at

    Virtual Magazine

    Lots of really well written and interesting articles on all things African and Hunting. Great antidote to cold wet winter.

    Just need to make the pennies to get back out there

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    Thanks, i will take a look, heading to SA in a few weeks time, can't wait!

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    Thanks for that, had no idea it was on line.

    Running a large museuum with a large collection of big game we have just been approached by two academics with regards to extracting DNA from our collection. The Giant Sable project and save the Black Rhino. Africa is my second home next to Scotland and I hope to go back again this year. Visited last year without a rifle, but enjoyed it just the same.

    There is no doubt that if you go once you will return.

    All the best to you all


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