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    Recently I rang BASC to ask if they were going to be measuring deer-heads at the Game Fair.
    I was referred to a Mr. Alan Mc.Cormick who said they were.
    When asked `by whom` he said Dominic Griffiths, I pointed out to him that to the best of my knowledge he is no longer a person who measures officially for the C.I.C.
    I said if this was the case any heads thus measured would have NO official standing and people spending their money believing otherwise would be `short changed`.
    [Rather like buying a bottle of premium malt and finding it contained Tescos own brand.]
    The conversation ended in a grumpy manner. You have been warned !

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    Regretably I am afraid your information is INCORRECT.


    With the previous and similar posts being edited my above statement is probably INCORRECT. [I too do not think the individual has resigned.]
    As I said previously, in the fullness of time all will be revealed.

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    In the fullness of time all will be revealed, in the meantime keep your cash in your pocket irrespective of what has been said.


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    let it lie

    reading this thread is like, i know better than you

    300 sounds like he knows Dominic personally, so maybe worth listening to him.

    My advice, if you want one measured is to ask Dominic quietly to save him any embarrasment in front of a crowd.

    I also cannot see the BASC making a fool of themselves by inviting someone that is not able to do the measuring.


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    I think that we can go no further with this thread. The information is there, members must make their own decisions on how to proceed in this matter.

    I would rather not have to pull or lock this thread.

    Steve.F (Admin)

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    Thanks Beo. Sensible move !


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    Lets face it, it would not be the first time that BASC has cocked up ....would it

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    His, DG, no longer being authorised by CIC to measure under their authority was mentioned in an earlier copy of Stalking Rifle and the Shooting times in which it said he had been struck off and he was appealing.
    There is nothing wrong with him continuing to measure heads and give a true assessment, he has been doing it long enough, but it is the issue of the Certificate with or without the CIC logo that may cause some concern.

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