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    Can anybody help?..which is the best size bullet to use in the .270 calibre? thanks

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    Personally I think the 130grain bullet is just the job in the .270.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jacobking View Post
    Can anybody help?..which is the best size bullet to use in the .270 calibre? thanks
    Depends what you are shooting, I use the classic 130gn for reds but if I was after bigger stuff I might go for a 160gn, for foxes 90gns are good.



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    For here in the UK? Probably the 140 grain at between 2,800 to 2,900fps. If you are thinking of maybe some wild boar then maybe a 150 grain at 2,800fps.

    As in another thread on 270 I don't like, at all, the full power American 130 grain loading at 3,100fps!

    For British use 270 is probablt the calibre than benefits most from being handloaded to tailor the cartridge for our shooting conditions.

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    130gr Hornady soft point works for me.

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    My personal favorite is the 100gr Hornady soft point very accurate (1/2" at 100) in my Tikka 695 and before anyone says anything it does not blow up and always exits

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    I've only ever used 130gr and 150gr. The 130 grain bullet in its various guises seems to perform the best. The trajectory and groupings seem unmatchable.

    I've shot foxes, Roe, Sika, Red and the 130 grain federal, Remington, Winchester, Nosler, Sierra, Speer..... does the job every time.


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    have to agree with dc.270 here i use 130 grain and 150 and love the 130grain fast and flat doesnt do damage on roe i do have a slower 150 load but rarely use it as i like the 130 that much. like everything though bullet placement is the key if you are going to hit a shoulder then you are going to do damage simples but i would think that to be the same with most calibre bullet combos on bone,atb wayne
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    Hmmmm well I don't have a favorite................. my current handloads are using the Sierra 140 Grn BTSP and I also have a box or two of the Sierra 140 Gr BTHP. In the past I have used the Nosler 130 grn Solid Base to good effect and one of the last rounds of that wa sused on a nice Muntjac yearling Buck for the freezer excellent performance and did not blow him up like the keeper said it would. He dislikes the .270 .

    Last April up at John's I used Federal Fusion 150 Grn to good effect so it will really depend on you rifle and what it likes. None of the weights of proper construction for the quarry will be wrong.

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    Sorry to hijack the thread but this interests me as the .270 seems to be so out of favour. I was watching a chap zero his .270 at the club the other week, he had just changed scope mounts. What surprised me was that he was using several soft point bullet weights and at 100yds the bullets were all hitting the same point of aim. Is this a characteristic of the .270, or was this unusual?

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