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Thread: Jagd und Hund, Dortmund

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    Jagd und Hund, Dortmund

    Anyone going to the Jagd und Hund show in Dortmund on friday?

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    I won't be arriving until the Friday night and spending Saturday and Sunday at the show, looking forward to it , never been before but heard it's really good and it's the 30th anniversary this year.


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    Great show, wish I was going again this year ! Lots to see, one day is nearly not enoug.

    Regards anthony

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    Is really good, and worth a visit. We are driving there tonight, stopping friday then coming back sat evening. Word of advice for anyone thinking of going next year, book your hotel well in advance, as i had a nightmare finding a good one for the friday night is i left it late this time, just about everywhere was fully booked.

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