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Thread: Looking for moderator expert

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    Looking for moderator expert

    In The Netherlands the use of silencers is illegal by law. We are currently in discussion with the legislators to see if we can use them as recoil moderator.
    Since there is nothing mentioned about the minimal sound (dB) a rifle must make, the standpoint at this moment is "if sound is reduced it is a silencer"

    Since in the UK the moderators are common use by now, we are looking for someone who can help us with information.

    What I am looking for is:
    - What is the max dB reduction for rifles (we talk about calibers with a minimum of 980 joules at 100meter)?
    - is there information available about recoil reduction?
    - is the recoil reduction better then eg with the use of a muzzle break?
    - are there more advantages next to recoil and sound reduction?

    Your information is highly appreciated by all hunters in Holland!
    For moderator sellers/producers, if we succeed, this is your next market


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    Looks like you are in a similar limbo as the Germans.
    You might want to talk to Pete Lincoln from Roedale Precision in Germany as he
    has put a lot of work into moderators, measured recoil and so on. He also
    has put a lot written work together trying to convince German officials of
    allowing moderators. send him a mail

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    well you will get alot less recoil, it also improves most peoples groups. less lift means less recoil. which in turn helps people get better groups with there rifles.
    you also got the added factor of it protecting your earring. if you look on the ase site at there range of mods. it will give you the db readings and safety guidelines on them all.

    they meet the working regs or better. muzzle brakes will really help with recoil but there not very nice for people stood next to them. if i where you i would contact someone like ase and get there findings. who better to help you out then the makers. you can then put your case forward to the legislators in your country.

    good luck

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    Try Pete Jackson at Jackson Rifles he is a min e of information on mods

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    Thanks for the first advices, I will try to contact them!


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    personally I think the design of muzzle brakes leaves a lot to be desired. shooting a BSA in 270 immediately after a Caledonian in 270 inside a range hut I could not tell the difference in either recoil or muzzle blast. This was echoed by the range controller who initially thought it was funny and expected a significant difference in noise between the two standing behind and to the right.

    I would imagine any added weight is going to reduce recoil, depending on the weight of the moderator and material used.
    ironic that moderators over here are getting lighter and being made from Titanium and thinner materials to combat weight and it sounds like the heavier the moderator the more chance you have of passing it off as a recoil moderator in the Netherlands.

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    An introduction would have been nice see yellow panel at the start Sikadog

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    Erik, they came into common usage here after the Forestry Commission, a Government organisation, became worried about the health and safety issues of its employees using unmoderated firearms. I suppose they were worried about being sued for hearing loss by their employees.

    There are several people already mentioned, to these add JMS who import PES moderators and Steve Bowers of Specialist Rifles who makes his own moderators.

    Regards, Simon
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    Dag Erik!

    One thing that I've not seen mentioned on here so far, and to my mind a good reason to use one, is that moderators also produce better accuracy, not just due to reduced recoil, additional weight etc., but also that by their design they also tend to reduce the amount of hot, turbulent gases being expelled from the muzzle around the bullet as it emerges. In effect your bullet is being spat into clear air, rather than a hot hurricane, so to speak. If you look at a cutaway of a T8 (google "reflex moderator cutaway"), for example, you'll see that the round passes through a series of 'funnels' which strip hot gasses away and redirect them backwards.

    I should add that I'm not in any way an expert, not a salesman for any brand of moderators, but I do speak from from personal experience. I hope this is useful.

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