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Thread: Ammo Storage - answer from the horses mouth

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    Ammo Storage - answer from the horses mouth

    Hiya All

    You may recall I asked for advice re storing mismatched ammo and rifles in the same cabinet. ie, 22 ammo with 308 rifles etc. Well i finally got round to ringing up the Nottm Firearms Dept. I was told that ammo and guns have to be kept separate - regardless of the fact the ammo was incompatable with the rifles. When I suggested that this made no sense as one couldnt be fired from the other i was told that that was the guidance. Cant argue with that (and succeed :o). But whoever said the Law's an ass was right - do the people making legislation have no idea about shooting and if not, why are they being let loose with it or who the hell is advising them ? ? ?


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    I recall after the Hungerford shootings a certain Police force had a purge on any 7.62mm rifles. They issued their officers with dummy 7.62 nato cartridges to go and check guns to see those that could take them. However they didn't tell the said officers how to do this and several were just dropping the dummy into the gun yes even shot guns. If it came out the bottom it fitted and said gun was then classed as extremely dangerous and to be removed.

    Things have not really improved much have they?

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    Its been a while since I read the legislation and guidance, but as I recall you are under no obligation to store ammo separately from firearms, it is just recommended good practise.

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