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Thread: Letting unshot deer wander away

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    Letting unshot deer wander away

    I was reading an article about shooting Chamois in Austria a few days ago that got me thinking. It commented that the norm in Austria is after the shot to wait until the rest of the herd has moved away completely out of sight before the hunters go up to the dead animal. The theory being that Chamois are never educated to the sound of a shot being associated with man.

    Certainly I have noticed with both red and roe that other beasts just hang about and are not too concerned about the sound of a shot, but only run off once they see / smell you.

    I tend to leave a beast for a few minutes before approaching, but letting everything else calm down does make sense to me as next time, hopefully they will be not too spooky!

    Any comments???

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    I thought its how it is done in the UK as well. I am sure I have seen it in one of the "Best Practice" guidance somewhere or was told on level 1 course. I do it anyway.

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    Likewise - I've always waited until any other deer move off. With a moderator fitted I've noticed that the deer seem to hang around more, or are more inclined to come back to the area after the shot, perhaps because they can't tell the direction from which the shot came?

    Either way, I like to wait for the deer to disappear before I go up to the shot beast.

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    Level one and best practice states you should allow the remaining deer to move away from the area!

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    Yes agreed, I have always let any deer move away before breaking cover to retrieve the shot beast.

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    Neither Level 1 nor Best Practice says what to do about deer that wander into the area after the shot. A not uncommon occurence now that we're all using suppressors.

    I've doubled my takings on more than one occasion by just sitting tight for a few minutes and keeping alert.
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    I had forgotten all about it. One of those habits which were instilled into me from the very beginning and I just do it as a matter of course. Try not to educate the deer into associating the sound of a shot - or the sight of humans - with the unusual behaviour - death - of one of their number.

    Bearing in mind the differences in climate and terrain, it was also a good tactic to try and not further stress the beasts by scaring them willy-nilly out into the upper hill elements in hard weather, although in some conditions the beasts appear to reciognize that the killing is done and they will retreat and watch - sometimes within medium shooting distance - whilst the gralloching is going on.

    As my mentor always said, "The more you live, the more you'll see".
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    Complete nonsense!!

    Dont allow the other deer to walk away, whack one or two of them as well!!


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    Well some times its ok but if the others sit down to chew there cud you might be in for a long wait . So take your beast wait the ten minutes and then if deer havnt moved walk up slow and give them a chance to move away with out to much alarm.

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    Funny I was thinking about this just the other day as I shot a hind that had come out with a wee stag (sika) and I was wondering if the stag associated the shot with danger. The situation was a little different as the hind, when shot, ran towards the stag which then jumped back into the forest while the hind dropped before she made it into the forest, neither of them saw me. I suspect that the stag ran because he saw the hind run as I saw him go back into the forest and it took him longer than would have been the case if he had just reacted directly to the shot, hence my reading that he didn't run until he saw the hind run. So, now I'm wondering if he has assocaited the bang with all the running or if he just put it down to a bit of normal running about with no particular danger or risk.

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