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Thread: what's the weather like..

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    what's the weather like..

    What's the weather looking like for argyll for this weekend? stay at home or brave it?????

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    Can't say for Argyll but it's gusting to over 50mph here already. The boat's are secure on the mooring's and we're digging in up here, probably going to be a nasty few days.


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    Hellish wind, rain, sleet and snow in argyll the now mate.

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    We are just down the coast and i know i will not be heading out if it stays like this.

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    Im heading to Dumfries on sat wonder if its worth it looking at the weather !!!!!!!!!!!

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    Dumfries is supposed to be OK, We have a DMQ 1 course near straiton this weekend and is supposed to be over cast but dry.

    BUT hey this is Scotland and the weather is a fact of life!.

    ATB Barry

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    Weather is shocking but you won't get them sitting in the house, the beasts still need to feed. ive had some cracking days in the wood when its been like this, the wind and rain cover up any sound you make and you seem to regularly walk on to feeding deer with out them noticing.
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