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Thread: dumb question for someone thinking of reloading

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    dumb question for someone thinking of reloading

    what variation if any is required for purchasing the "supplies" and has anyone had any problems from the FEO or Firearms office when informing them? I assume they expect to be told....

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    Providing you do not go over the limit on your licence for your ammunition holding there is no problem and no need to inform the police just like you don't have to inform them every time you buy ammunition. However what quanties re you allowed to purchase and hold. remeber that a lot of bullets come in 100 count boxes so a holding allowance of 160 as they claim is the normal for a .270 would be almost useless.

    Please don't give them more daft ideas they can come up with enough on their own thank you .

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    Hi mate

    You can buy your bullets on your existing FAC but you may need a variation to allow you to purchase and hold more ammunition depending on how much reloading you intend to do

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    Just make sure you do not go over your amounts on your fac check how many you can purchase at anyone time and how many you can store at anyone time, i can purchase 1000 and have 1500 at anyone time

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    You have to put in veriation in to have the certificate changed for you to buy the bullets heads which will count as your allotted amount on the certificate i think most forces give you 500 to start per caliber for the re-loading but that might be different where you are.

    I had to do this as bullits are sold in hundreds i hope this helps.

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    The only thing Sussex Police has asked me for is to keep an accurate log of all rounds produced.

    Hope this is of help.



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    Hi quiteman

    Not sure thats correct a variation to buy bullet heads ? Bullet heads are classed as amunition made up or not you just have to stick to your allocated amounts of ammo !!!!


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    I can't see where you are but if you are in Northern Ireland you will have to apply to the police to buy powder. There are, however, many positive things to be said about the system in NI.

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    thank you for the swift responses.
    I dont intend to get too excited and start producing thousands, but as has been pointed out to me, the adictive nature of reloading will inevitably lead to increased requirements!
    So if I am reading this correctly, right now with 270 ammunition listed on my FAC (to buy and hold) so long as I do not exceed either figures there is no change to me buying powder and bullets?

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    Thats correct you can buy as much powder as you like and bullet heads you can buy the amount on your fac !! good luck with the reloading


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