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Thread: weather in Lairg this weekend

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    weather in Lairg this weekend

    hi does anybody live near lairg sutherland ? i am off up that way stalking this weekend, and i wondered what the weather was looking like

    cheers chaps

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    Have a look at Wind Map - Britain Observations or MWIS: Mountain Weather Information Service - should give you a reasonably good idea of what's happening, but with this run of high speed Atlantic lows quite difficult to predict what is going to happen. If it's wild and windy just get in close - deer will be hunkered down and thus easier to approach (so goes the theory)!

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    PM JAYB, he lives 10 miles away.

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    It was a bit windy last night so much so that the patio doors in my lounge were completely white with hail being driven against them, quite pretty what with the lightning doing it's thing. I sent you a PM.

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    Yeah very windy yesterday and driving rain today,meant to settle for Saturday though. Who, if any, are you stalking with in Lairg? Still plenty of shooting whatever the weather, keeping scopes free from rain spray however could be another story.

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    Well im back and the weather was great , 10 hr drive but worth every mile

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    Glad you had a good trip. When I moved up here from Oxfordshire ten years ago I very quickly discovered not to bother too much with weather forecasts - you can easily solve the Scottish climate with 200 worth of decent clothing / boots (ok probably nearer 500). Frequently the forecast looks awful but it is actuallyquite good.

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