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Thread: Thoughts on a .222 investment

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    Thoughts on a .222 investment

    Anyone out there with thoughts on this matter , especially as .222 is min calibre for CWD and Muntjac in England and Wales, and min for Roe IN SCOTLAND!. I feel a hornets nest here !.Why not clear it up
    Regards Trapper

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    Another calbre circle-jerk!

    Please, just buy a 6.5x55 and join the adults.

    I would have added a smiley, but don't want to appear to support the drug culture!


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    no don't do it

    you have a smashing .243. why bother spending the money. having your 243 threaded would be a better investment.


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    I previously owned a 223. I put it to the test and waited for a roe to come into the centre of a grass area so that I could witness its full reaction. Shot broadside into heart lung area. The animal ran on 40 yds.
    I went to the point of impact, little blood. I tried to follow a blood trail, there was no blood trail. On arrival at the animal, it was dead, but there was no exit wound and little blood from the entry.

    They are powerful enough to drop a deer, but, do you want to retrieve a deer with little or no blood trail in wood, plantation or scrub areas. No!!!!

    So move onto a minimum of .243.

    I cant believe that they droped the calibre in England to 22 centrefire, I wish they would raise it in Scotland.

    I use .243 on Roe and 6.5 on Roe and Red


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    All previous thoughts seconded - stick with the grown-up calibres and do the job properly! The law was changed to allow .22 centrefires for many reasons, but deer welfare was certainly not among them.

    Just a thought - if .22 centrefires have 'proven' so suitable for roe in Scotland, why did the law change not allow them for roe in England & Wales?

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    I have a 6.5 and a 243 and agree they are mustard on our UK deer, I also have a 222. The 222 is a very accurate and very lethal little round which is more than capable on Roe, I have no experience of Muntjac so cannot help there.

    I know a good few people who have fed their families over the years using 222, and that would be on Roe, Red and Sika. Now, I know that a lot of people will say but how many have ran off and not been found, and I would probably have to answer about as many as have been shot by larger calibres I expect.

    The calibre is certainly more than adequate for Roe, you have to get in the right place and shoot within the capabilities of your rifle and yourself. Having a larger calibre does not make you a better stalker or a better shot. To my way of thinking all this talk of a better margin for error with a bigger calibre is just not so. If the calibre is suitable for your quarry, and you do your bit and put the bullet in the right place, then you are dealing with the margin of error not the calibre. Badly shot is badly shot, irrespective of calibre.

    I now sit back and await incoming fire.


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    +1 for what JAYB says. I've had many roe run 50 mtrs with a well placed shot from the .243 & .308.

    I remember the first time i hunted in Sweden. There was another English hunter with us who used a .338 mag. He shot a little button roe buck. He gut shot the buck and we had to get a dog and track said roe which was still alive . So bigger is not allways best.

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    Always shoot when you are sure, with the right gun.


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