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Thread: Has anyone seen...

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    Has anyone seen... f@%&$#g gun cabinet keys?

    I swear, I hide them in one place, and one place only... I bet I left them in a coat pocket somewhere (although I have checked every obvious jacket and trousers...)

    Why is it when you want to sneak off for a quick shot something ALWAYS gets in the way!!!




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    Why don't you treat yourself to an INFAC Gunsafe you'll not need to worry about your FECK'N keys.

    Electronic key pad. (keys as back up) .

    Rgds. Buck..

    PS. Just don't keep key's in gunsafe.
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    "let him without sin cast the first stone"

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    Lost mine for days once, couldn't find them anywhere, in the end had to get a Jemmy bar to it and after considerable effort managed to pop both locks, as the last one went bang I looked at the back of the bedroom door where my dressing gown was hanging and suddenly remembered I'd put them in it's bl***y pocket!!
    Always stash them in the same place now, NOT the dressing gown pocket!!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by CRUMPY View Post
    NOT the dressing gown pocket!!!!!
    You're a bl00dy genius!

    NOT the dressing gown pocket... my pyjama bottoms pocket, in the linnen basket...

    Is there still time to slip away...

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    My keys are on my at all times when i am awake and in my pocket at the side of my bed when i am not. I dont know what i would do if i lost them the cabinet has six dead bolts in it.

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    I had to cut a mate's open when he lost keys turned up 3wk's later.

    Our local gun smith was a happy chappy though

    ( He did offer to take it back and supply new lock for old cabinet ) in the end the mate kept the 2 of them

    Rgds. Buck.
    "let him without sin cast the first stone"

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    I used to keep my keys with me, but at the last but one renewal interview it was suggested that this was not smart. At the FEO's recommendation I picked a place in the house to hide the keys and that's where they now reside.

    Rgds JCS

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    Buy a good quality digital safe,keeps ammo,keys,bolts etc. and all you have to do is remember yet another pin number
    ps.. there are usually a back-up set of keys to hide somewhere but a least they are not getting moved around all the time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by private fraser View Post
    Buy a good quality digital safe,keeps ammo,keys,bolts etc. and all you have to do is remember yet another pin number......
    Aye, right!

    Like my mate who did this, the batteries ran out in the digital safe and had re-set to some unknown master code when he installed new just can't win

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