Just joined the day having been impressed with the extensive level of knowledge of the site's members.

Born again rifle man, last time out winning the squadron 0.22 indoor trophy with the Air Training Corps near 49 year ago, also handy with the Lee Enfield 303 back then but the recoil damn near plonked my 7 stone frame into the next shire. Ardent hill and cross country runner with a penchant for motorcycles, Italian preferred.
Part time hill ghillie with a local estate using the experience to eventually apply for the DMQ2 test, gained DMQ1 last year through Elmwood College.
Custom made P.R.S. 6.5 x 55 for deer and target with home loads of 120grn. Nosler BT and 120 / 130grn. Berger VLD respectively; Federal Match primer - Norma / Lapau brass - 49grn. VV N165 powder for both although I've yet to determine the best load for the 130 Berger but will start with 47grn. of N165. Rabbits and target seen to with a 0.22 Anschutz 1907 rimfire swapping between a scope and aperture for the two disciplines.
First 5 rounds loaded took almost an hour, checking the checking and checking again, made sure the range weel clear for the firing, and all worked well thanks to the instructions from my mentor, Calumn Ferguson and his good mate Kenny ower Glenlivet way.